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Industry Focus: Designing for Medical/Life Sciences
You’ll see some great examples of the how engineering and medical professionals are coming together to solve real problems with technology in the articles collected for this special digital issue. We hope they inspire you to expand your horizons.
Tackling Blockchain
So what is blockchain, why is it being so highly lauded and how can it be applied to engineering?
Industry Focus: Designing for Consumer Electronics
Design engineers developing consumer electronics were some of the first to arrive at the intersection of hardware, electronics, software and aesthetics. That intersection has since become jammed with engineers from various disciplines trying to navigate their way through an ever-changing...
Honeywell Unveils MicroPressure Sensor
Small ported pressure sensor from Honeywell offers minimal footprint on a printed circuit board and supports wide pressure range.
Sensirion Launches Evaluation Kit for Environmental Sensors
The SEK-Environmental Sensing from Sensirion allows engineers to evaluate sensors and develop sensor applications more quickly and easily.
Sensors Empower Voice Interfaces
The convergence of smart microphones, new digital signal processing technology, voice recognition and natural language processing has opened the door for voice interfaces.
A Power Source for Next-Generation Sensors
The rise of energy harvesting is driven by advances that make the technology more practical and desirable for mobile and IoT applications.
Carnegie Mellon Explores 3D Micro-Additive Manufacturing with Optomec System
Carnegie Mellon is developing novel methods to create next-generation manufacturing processes for sensors, antennas and energy harvesting devices.
Newark element14 Makes Available Kit for Cloud Connectivity
The kit provides an end-to-end tool to enable a Sub-1 GHz sensor network with an internet of things (IoT) gateway and cloud connectivity.
Designing the New Machine to Perform Data Analytics on the Edge
Designing machines that can perform edge analytics provides more value to the IoT.
5 Engineering Technologies to Focus on in the Next 5 Years
Reader survey responses provide an engineering technology outlook for 2018 and beyond.
Rinspeed’s “Snap” Concept Vehicle Features New Gentex Technologies
Snap features Gentex’s biometrics, automation and dimmable glass technologies.
Micro-Measurements Debuts StrainSmart 9000 Data Acquisition Software
The new software from Micro-Measurements offers simultaneous recording and analysis of up to 48 channels and 50,000 samples per second with fast, easy setup and minimal-to-no downtime.
The Technologies Driving the Autonomous Car
Possibly the greatest challenge for autonomous vehicles is that driverless vehicles must have sensing and control systems that exceed the capabilities of human drivers.
Making Flexible Hybrid Electronics a Reality
Mass-producing complex printed sensing systems that include processing and communications modules requires designs that incorporate printed and advanced CMOS-based components. Until recently, no one has developed manufacturing processes that can produce such systems.

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