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Autodesk Rounds Out Fusion Lifecycle With Cloud-Based PDM
At Accelerate 2016, Autodesk also announced a partnership with Nutonian, a maker of predictive analytics software.
RedViking Launches Argonaut MES at IMTS
Driving Toward Digital Twins
Real-time sensor data adds a new facet to interoperability.
Halo Tire Inflator Pumped Up by PLM
The Halo Tire Inflator’s simple design calls for an internal pump driven by wheel rotation to automatically inflate tires and protect against pressure loss.
SolidThinking Kicks Off a Global Event Series with CONVERGE Americas
Don’t Drown in Data: Strategies to Deal with Big Data in the Era of IoT
Seebo Virtualized Environment Accelerates a Path to IoT Products  
Seebo bills itself as an end-to-end platform that makes it easier to design and prototype IoT devices, initially targeting consumer products, but more recently expanding into the industrial sector.
Xplenty’s Yaniv Mor: Data Hoarding is the New Plague of the Business World
Insights from ASSESS: Looking Beyond the Pay-as-You-Go Model for Simulation Democratization
Michigan Pulls Ahead In Autonomous Vehicle Race
Michigan tries to grab the mantle for leadership in connected and autonomous vehicles, a market predicted to reach 129 million vehicles sold between 2020 and 2035.
Sensors Expo and Conference 2016:  IoT Fuels New Exploration of Sensors
Microprocessors Want to Tackle Big Data
IOT World 2016: Using Artificial Intelligence to Harvest Business Intelligence
Ushered in by the fast-paced beat of La Roux's "Bulletproof," Gavin Whitechurch, founder of IoT World, stepped up to the stage to deliver his welcome address at IOT World.
C-Labs Tackles IoT Security, Connectivity Challenges
Frame-Relay is an industrial-grade IoT software platform from C-Labs that simplifies the connection of different types of industrial equipment and devices.
NVIDIA GTC 2016: The GPU Wants to Accelerate VR, AI and Big Data Analysis

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Glass Free Augmented Reality
Hand tracking allows for a more natural experience compared to using a keyboard and mouse to shift or rotate a...

Ansys Debuts ConceptEV for Enhanced EV Drive Range
ConceptEV optimizes development of electric vehicle powertrains for improved driving range and battery charge times, Ansys reports.

Desktop Metal X25Pro Now Powered by TurboFuse Binder
TurboFuse is a high-speed, high-strength binder that demonstrates enhanced adhesion to metal powders, according to Desktop Metal.

Next-Gen: Students Envision Future of EV Charging Design
Student Competition Profile: Auburn University Industrial & Graphic Design Awards

Deloitte to Collaborate With HPE and NVIDIA on Generative AI
First use case with Deloitte of 'NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE' product portfolio aims to help manufacturers operate secure digital...

BigRep Launches the VIIO 250 Automated, Intuitive 3D Printer
The new large-scale system is designed to be an easy-to-use machine for nonstop 3D printing of industrial-grade parts. 

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