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Lessons From the Titan
Simulation, testing and rapid prototyping aren’t enough—you need processes (and regulations) in place so that when engineers raise a red flag, those in charge have to listen and respond.
Additive Reality Check
Taking a look back at new technology—automation solutions, new software, large-scale printers— and more in the additive manufacturing space.
Intersection of AI and Simulation in the Automotive Industry
Automotive engineers are faced with new obstacles as they are tasked with integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into vehicle systems and R&D workflows, expert notes.
Simulation at the Crossroads
Based on the discussions at the ASSESS conference, there will be a lot to talk about for the next several years.
Building on Additive Successes
For engineers and design/engineering software vendors, the critical task moving forward will be figuring out what the future holds for product design and development.
Love the Problem
While new solutions are emerging all the time, many of the problems engineers face can be dishearteningly consistent.
Demanding More of the Supply Chain
What if our assumptions about just-in-time operations were off base?
How Reduced Order Models are Changing the Design Process
Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), it is possible to gather and analyze design knowledge.
Explainable AI
Unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence to transform engineering.
Transforming CAE Reporting, Design Reviews and Decision Time with 3D Digital CAE Information
Leveraging digital 3D data can transform and streamline simulation reporting across the extended enterprise.
One More Time, With Feeling
Interest and investment in ... technologies is holding steady.
Driving Sustainability in Commercial & Public Transportation with Additive Manufacturing
3D printing can augment sustainability and efficiency programs in the transportation sector.
The Role of Additive Manufacturing in Combating Climate Change
The use of additive manufacturing can optimize efforts to create new carbon capture solutions.
Conflicting Signals
Now that the elections are over, we get a better idea of what type of economic policy will guide us through the next two years.
Past is Prologue
In this issue, our writers take a look at the design, simulation and other technologies that are helping automakers create and improve new vehicle designs.

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