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Special Focus Issue

Technology Focus: Immersive Design
A fully immersive virtual design engineering software user interface may await in the future, but many immersive design technologies are already reality. We’ve collected some of DE’s coverage of AR, VR, advanced rendering and simulation visualization in this...
Technology Focus: Immersive Design
This digital issue features rounds up DE’s recent coverage of immersive design engineering technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, digital twins, remote rendering, simulation visualization and more.
Industry Focus: Designing for Consumer Electronics
Design engineers developing consumer electronics were some of the first to arrive at the intersection of hardware, electronics, software and aesthetics. That intersection has since become jammed with engineers from various disciplines trying to navigate their way through an ever-changing...
The Best Engineering Workstations
This digital issue features 10 of DE’s most popular desktop and mobile workstation reviews, as well as how to build a balanced workstation for design engineering tasks.
HPC Leading Edge, November 2017
Focus on HPC's role in the financial services industries.
Design Gets Real
From photorealistic rendering to virtual and augmented reality, design engineers who visualize more realistic products earlier can unlock innovation and efficiency benefits.
Drastically Different Design
Learn how engineering teams can deploy new design technologies to take advantage of the powerful forces disrupting modern-day product design and development.
Engineering for Aerospace & Defense
In this special digital issue featuring some of DE’s most popular content on the subject, we take a deeper look at how A&D has driven the adoption of engineering technologies, and how those technologies have helped the industry...
Connect with IoT Tools
Browse through DE’s recent coverage highlighting the tools and technology available to capitalize on the disruption being caused by the IoT.
HPC Leading Edge, June 2017
Focus on HPC's role in safety and security.
Democratization of Technology
Browse through DE’s top coverage on the democratization of engineering technologies that we’ve collected here to learn more about how it affects upfront design engineering.
Engineering for the Factory of the Future
Browse through DE’s top coverage on the factory of the future and Industry 4.0 that we’ve collected here to learn more about how it affects upfront design engineering.
IoT: Sensors Take Center Stage
Browse through DE’s top sensors coverage that we’ve collected here to learn more about how sensor design and integration are supporting the Internet of Things (IoT).
The Ultimate Engineering Workflow
See how Orange County Choppers goes full throttle by slashing the time it takes to design and render its famous custom motorcycles.
Additive Manufacturing Advances
Browse through DE’s Top 10 3D printing articles that we’ve collected here to learn more about 3D printing materials and methods that are driving innovations across many different industries.

Latest News

Reimagining the Iconic Japanese Sword Handle and Display Stand with Generative Design Tools
Japanese designer Yasuhide Yokoi collaborate with master swordsmith Masao Manabe to reshape the iconic Japanese sword handle and display stand...

A&E Market Flourishes Despite Staffing Issues
The 43rd Annual Deltek Clarity report on the A&E sector finds flourishing project pipelines and top-line revenue growth weighted...

New Programmable, Expanding Foam Polymer
Desktop Metal FreeFoam enables heat-activated 3D printing of foam parts.

E-CAD Tool Streamlines PCB Design
Newest release of eCADSTAR includes new model management library, semi-automatic routing.

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