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Aleph Objects

Aleph Objects is Printing Printers at CES 2018
LulzBot 3D printers will be used to manufacture more 3D printers live on the floor.
Editor’s Picks for November 16-22, 2017
One of the picks will be chosen as DE’s Editor’s Pick of the Week.
Aleph Objects and IC3D Offer Open Source Hardware Filament
IC3D has released a 16-page white paper documenting its manufacturing process, parameters, material grades, and more.
Aleph Objects Inc. Debuts New Hardware, Software at CES 2017
The company has introduced new hardware, software and industry partnerships.
LulzBot TAZ 6 Now Available
The system has features such as self-cleaning and an integrated power supply.
Aleph Objects Releases Updated Tool Head
It lets users print multiple materials in a single print run.
Aleph Objects 3D Prints 1 Million Printer Parts
Each of the company's systems has 30 3D-printed parts.
Aleph Objects Grows Business, Expands Offerings
The company's revenue tripled in 2015.
taulman 3D Announces New Filament Line
The material is made from the Eastman Amphora 3D polymer.
LulzBot TAZ 5 Released
Aleph Objects has also released new PLA filaments that are compatible with the system.

Latest News

UPM Additive Solutions, Authentise Team for Vendor-Managed Solution
This offering is made to enhance material management, traceability, and efficiency for manufacturers, the companies report.

Reusable Manufacturing Mould Unveiled
The mould, said to be infinitely reusable, can reportedly produce parts faster than 3D printing.

Audi Sport Boosts Design and Production With Help of Ultimaker
By embracing 3D printing for tools, Audi Sport has slashed costs while reducing lead times, Audi Sports reports.

3D Desktop Printer Market Expected to Grow by USD$5.20 Billion by 2028
There's expected to be increasing demand for 3D-printed jewelry to boost market growth, Technavio reports.

SPEE3D Launches Expeditionary Manufacturing Unit
EMU enables industries with large industrial equipment, including defence, mining, and marine, to print and replace large metal parts in...

Stratasys Offers New Digital Anatomy 3D Printer
Medical facilities and device manufacturers can now create patient-specific models to enhance surgical preparation, Stratasys reports.

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