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Engineering on the Edge

Neurotechnology Releases SentiBotics Mobile Robotics Development Kit
The kit provides a mobile robotic platform with a 3D vision system, robotic arm and ROS-based software.
NASA Selects Medigus’ micro ScoutCam 1.2 For Robotic Refueling Mission
The worlds smallest camera will be part of the Visual Inspection Poseable Invertebrate Robot.
University of Reading Brain Study Could Advance Artificial Intelligence
Researchers deployed a 3D game to observe how humans' sensory systems can adapt.
FirstBuild Microfactory Opens in Kentucky
The facility allows community members to customize consumer products and produce solutions for engineering solutions with small-batch production.
B&B Electronics Launches Wzzard Intelligent Sensing Platform
The company is looking to have the platform accelerate development of Internet of Things (IoT) applications.
LG Releases Smart Control AC Module For Remote Temperature Control
Consumers can set ideal temperatures, set sleep timers and customize favorable conditions for home air settings.
IBM Announces Fund to Research Chip Grand Challenges for Cloud and Big Data Systems
The initiative will have programs focused on 7 nanometer technology, carbon nanoeletronics, silicon photonics and more.
Technology, Automotive Companies Form Open Automotive Alliance
The alliance is striving to create a completely Android connected car.
ASD Presents Hybrid Battery at Intersolar North America
The device allows for stand-alone and grid-tie power storage systems to coexist.
Sharp Develops Free-Form Display
The new technology will allow for more customizable screens and displays.
GE’s Metallic Ink Can Place Tiny Sensors Inside Jet Engines
The technology could be used to place sensors on devices after leaving the factory.
SoftBank to Start Selling Personal Robots Next Year
For under $2,000, consumers will be able to purchase a robot that acts as a babysitter, staff worker or companion.

Latest News

ModuleWorks Acquires Celeritive Technologies
Both Celeritive and ModuleWorks have been strategic partners to many manufacturing organizations for many years.

Another Winner Delivered: Velocity Micro ProMagix HD80
The new Velocity Micro ProMagix HD80 workstation sets performance records.

NVIDIA Grows Collaboration With Microsoft
NVIDIA is showcasing integrated solutions with Microsoft Azure and Windows PCs, simplifying AI model deployment and optimizing route mapping.

Verisurf Partners with ScanTech
3D scanning and optical tracking solutions powered by Verisurf Software.

CPFD Releases Barracuda Virtual Reactor 24.0
This release includes new physics capabilities, usability enhancements, and automated plotting for monitoring running simulations.

Cobra Releases Golf-Ready 3D-Printed Irons
The set features metal-injection molded irons, 3D-printed steel putters, iron badges and an aerodynamically designed DarkSpeed.

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