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Lexus Hoverboard: The Story
See how engineers and researchers developed and designed the innovative technology.
Oculus Reveals New Rift Headset
The company also launched Oculus Touch for a more immersive VR experience.
Hungarian Startup Unveils Flike
The coaxial flying apparatus sports a design similar to Star Wars" speeder bikes. "
Tesla Announces Powerwall
The device gathers solar energy to power homes 24 hours a day.
Researcher Advances Understanding of Carbon Nanotubes
With this data, engineers can more effectively leverage the material in applications.
Mouser Electronics Launches Innovation Challenge
Contestants must solve a real-world problem with robotics.
Ford Unveils Smart Mobility Plan
The initiative is focused on creating smart, connected cars and bicycles.
IDT, NVIDIA and Orange Silicon Valley Accelerate Supercomputing
The collaboration has created a platform that can analyze 4G to 5G networks in real time.
5ME, Okuma America Partner to Advance Cryogenic Manufacturing
The companies state that the process helps reduce energy and extend tool life.
IBM, SoftBank Partner to Bring Watson to Japan
The collaboration will help advance area research on cognitive computing.
Researchers Create One-Atom Layer Silicon Transistors
The team hopes this leads to low-energy, high-power computer chip applications.
Microsoft Reveals HoloLens
The technology offers a new platform for holographic computing.
NVIDIA Launches DRIVE Automotive Computers
The technology can provide auto-pilot capabilities and a complete real time view of the vehicle.
NASA, Nissan Collaborate on Self-Driving Cars
Engineering teams will share research and resources at facilities to create the first prototype this year.
CES 2015: Gadgets and Gizmos Abound
This year's conference fostered innovation for technology in the automotive, robotic, computing, wearable industries and more.

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GE Aerospace Launches as Independent Public Company
Company positions itself to deliver long-term growth as a global leader in propulsion, services and systems.

Formlabs Introduces Form 4 Resin 3D Printer
Form 4 and its biocompatible version, Form 4B, represent the next advances in stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing technology, Formlabs reports.

Argonne and RIKEN Sign AI-Focused Memorandum of Understanding
The MOU identifies areas of mutual interest at Argonne and RIKEN, Japan’s flagship research institute devoted to basic and...

Lenovo Debuts ThinkCentre Desktops Powered by AMD Processors
Next-generation business workstations feature AI capabilities.

Power of Good Design
Applying emphasis on effective and innovative design processes in the design for additive manufacturing space can pay off and trim...

Leadership Profile: Marco Turchetto of ESTECO How Automation can Improve Simulation Workflows
Hyperautomation and services can help democratize the use of simulation.

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