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Kistler Instrument

Kistler Instrument Corporation
Our technology measures pressure, force, acceleration and torque. Our instruments are used to measure and analyze physical processes, control industrial processes and optimize products. Our product offering is used in engine development and monitoring, vehicle technology, plastics processing and metal...
Kistler Introduces Plastics Injection Molding Contact Elements
Allow for mold insert changes without sensor removal.
Kistler Releases Type 9260AA Force Plate
Multi-component force plates support clinical gait, running and balance analysis.
Kistler Introduces Combined Miniature Pressure and Temperature Sensor
New Type 6188A is designed for plastics injection mold cavity measurements.
Kistler Announces Digital Transducer Interface Technology Acquisition
Will add digitization technology capabilities to vehicle testing suite.
Kistler Releases Three-Component Piezoelectric Force Sensors and Accelerometers
Units support satellite and spacecraft force limited vibration testing.
Hexagon Metrology Launches New ROMER Portable CMM
New design boosts accuracy on the Absolute Arm series.
Kistler Introduces KiTorq Digital Torque Flange System
Provides greater measurement flexibility and high-speed scanning rate.
Kistler Announces Three-Component Modular Turret Lathe Cutting Force Measurement System
Type 9129A is designed for direct compatibility with industry disk-type turret cutting tool machinery.
Kistler Introduces STASA Quality Control Plastics Injection Molding Software
Software is based on design of experiments method.
Kistler Introduces 100 Hz GPS Data Logger
Device can be used for variety of vehicle testing applications.
Kistler Releases Quartz High-Pressure Sensor
Sensors can be used in ballistics, bomb testing applications.
Kistler Introduces Melt Pressure Measurement Chain
Type 4021B chain is designed to support plastic injection molding.
Kistler Introduces K-Beam MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer Family, 2 in a Series
Designed to support automotive, aerospace and civil engineering applications.
Kistler Introduces K-Beam MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer Family, 1 in a Series
K-Beam family designed for use in automotive, aerospace, civil engineering and laboratory testing.

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