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Mcor Technologies

Mcor Technologies
Mcor Technologies is an innovative manufacturer of the world's most affordable, full-colour, safe and eco-friendly 3D printers. They are the only 3D printers to use ordinary business-A4/letter paper as the build material, a choice that renders durable, stable and...
Changing the Face of Plastic Surgery
AVSAR Aesthetic uses full-color 3D printing to create realistic reference models.
Mcor Technologies Displays 3MF Support at Build 2016
The company's Mcor Orange software is now compatible with the file format.
Mcor Technologies Releases ARKe 3D Printer
The goal of the system is to increase accessibility for creative markets.
Mcor Technologies Opens New U.S. Office
The headquarters will offer service, support and marketing.
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How Paper-Based 3D Printing Works: The Technology and Advantages
Fast App: Mcor IRIS 3D Printer Brings Tangibility to Customers
Williams 3D provides manufacturers and industrial companies with colorful, durable and affordable 3D printed prototypes to improve product design.
Quick, Custom and Unusual Parts via Additive Manufacturing
Rapid technology is now appearing everywhere.

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