A New Wave in Large-Format Printing

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Large-format printing equipment seems to have crossed into a new era.

Canon Solutions America recently announced its new Océ ColorWave 500 large-format printing system. “System” means that it can scan and copy documents as well as print any sort of CAD or GIS document or color graphics you toss at it. Suitable for a workgroup environment or as part of a central print room, the Océ ColorWave 500 printer is a smart, compact unit that’s designed to be efficient and easy to use.

Though everyone says “efficient and easy to use,” how’s the Océ ColorWave 500 printer different? The answer is lots of automation, a tablet-like user interface, a built-in loading station for changing media rolls and secure cloud connectivity. The four online media rolls, by the way, can accommodate various document sizes and different media types like Tyvek.Canon OcéWave 500

The Océ ColorWave 500 printer will automatically select print modes, position images and determine the media roll that best fits your job. Large volumes and sets, really anything you print, emerge on top dry, cut-to-size, stacked and collated. When copying or scanning, this system will automatically detect the document’s width and compensate for wrinkles and light colors. You can output up to 225 D-size monochrome or 212 D-size color prints in a hour.

Quick aside: Alert readers will notice no mention of monochrome or color. The answer is yes, the Océ ColorWave 500 printer supports both black-and-white and color printing, copying and scanning.

The 10.4-in. touchscreen’s tablet-like interface is a long way from those dinky green readouts from days of yore. You can, among other things, use it to get live previews of documents, zoom in on details, check a document’s position and organize files in your personal inbox. The Océ ColorWave 500 printer’s secure cloud connectivity, of course, means that you can start print jobs from your smartphone or tablet as you leave for work or while dawdling over lunch at a pizza joint.

That said, you can also work in the same room with Océ ColorWave 500 printer. Its toner doesn’t have fine dust or odor and, when active, the unit generates 57 dB of sound, which is about the same as a good home dishwasher.

But that’s not even half of it. Today’s Check it Out link takes you to a complete resource on the Océ ColorWave 500 printer. You can download a brochure, browse the specs and learn more about the toners and media as well as optional folding equipment.

Still, the thing to really do is watch the 14-minute introductory video (registration free). It’s fast-paced and thorough. Just seeing the explanation of how the Océ ColorWave 500 printer gets the wrinkles out of documents is something to behold. To find the video, scroll halfway down the page, look for the array of tabs then click on the “Product Demo” option.

The Océ ColorWave 500 large-format printing system’s combination of technologies and user conveniences mark it as something that should break your past expectations. Hit today’s Check it Out link and take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the Océ ColorWave 500 large-format printing system. Well worth your time.

Thanks, Pal. – Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood

Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

Go here to learn more about the Océ ColorWave 500 large-format printing system.

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