AeroDynamic Solutions Releases ADS CFD 7.0

AeroDynamic Solutions, Inc. (ADS CFD) makes available ADS CFD 7.0, an update to its CFD solution suite. 

AeroDynamic Solutions, Inc. (ADS) makes available ADS CFD 7.0, an update to its CFD solution suite.  Some major new features include:

  • Speed Resonant Stress and Aerodamping analysis for turbomachinery applications. It includes improved capabilities for aerodamping and flutter analysis calculation times.
  • Exit Mass Flow Control.  New in Release 7.0, users will be able to specify an exit mass flow target. Code LEO will then modulate the exit static back pressure until the flow rate is achieved.
  • Paraview Integration.  Release 7.0 also features improved integration with the open source visualization tool, Paraview.  By clicking a button, the ADS workbench can generate a 360-degree view, show slice views and blade views.
  • OpenMP integration.  Release 7.0 features the ability to apply additional threads to speed up the execution of a block.  Speedups of nearly 3X have been achieved for four threads.
  • User-defined Turbulence Modeling.  Implemented as a dynamically load library, a user can develop their own turbulent viscosity module and replace the ADS provided one.

For more info, visit ADS.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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