Editor’s Pick: Fast Printing of Large Parts with an Array of Material Options

BigRep STUDIO G2 3D printer for large parts is made for abrasive and engineering-grade materials.

BigRep STUDIO G2 3D printer for large parts is made for abrasive and engineering-grade materials.

BigRep STUDIO G2 can print objects up to 1 meter in length. Image courtesy of BigRep.

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Gone are the days when a 3D printer could print anything you wanted—as long as it was small, the design was not complicated and you didn’t care what it was made from. Today, we have multiple vendors pushing the envelope with improved processes, expanded offerings of materials and faster time to print. Available build volume is also growing, thanks in large part to the work of BigRep, which has made large-format printing its specialty. Their latest printer extends BigRep’s lead with several features that will turn heads on the shop floor, which is why the BigRep STUDIO G2 is our Editor’s Pick of the Week

The STUDIO G2 is made for abrasive and engineering-grade materials, stuff many 3D printers can’t touch. With a fast-heating print bed and temperature-controlled filament chamber, this high-resolution large-print workhorse produces great results with high-quality materials.

The enclosed print envelope maintains a controlled temperature and boasts a print volume a meter wide. The total build volume is 500x1000x500 mm, (19.6x39.3x19.6-in.). New dual ruby print nozzles have 0.6 mm extruder hot ends, designed for abrasive materials other printers can’t touch, and they can lay down material as thin as 0.1 mm per layer. The quality of this new extrusion system allows a larger variety of high-temperature, engineering- grade filaments including BigRep PLA, Pro HT, TPU, PA 6/66 and others. 

Printing time is reduced from the previous model of BigRep’s STUDIO printer thanks to a new fast-heating print bed. Inductive sensors enable semi-automatic leveling for optimal calibration and maximum control. This means the G2 can maintain an internal temperature of up to 100°C, which improves adhesion to the print bed for several of the materials supported by the STUDIO G2. 

Print time is also improved by a faster print arm that can provide maximum print speed of 19 mm³/s. 

There are more features in the new BigRep STUDIO G2 than we can fit in this email. Take a look at this week’s Product Brief for details about the fully insulated build envelope, the heated filament chamber, the new BigRep BLADE slicing software and much more. 

Thanks for reading; we’ll be back next week with another Editor’s Pick of the Week

DE Editors

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