FEA Toolkit for MATLAB and Octave Upgraded

Modeling and simulation toolkit introduces new physics modes.

FEATool Multiphysics version 1.4 incorporates a number of new models, tutorials and examples to help with its learning curve. Image courtesy of Precise Simulation Ltd.

Precise Simulation Ltd. has released version 1.4 of its FEATool, its FEA (finite element analysis) based multiphysics toolbox for modeling and simulating physics and engineering applications from within the MATLAB programming environment from the MathWorks and the Octave high-level interpreted language for numerical computations. FEATool 1.4 incorporates new features and improvements in such areas as import/export/convert, physics modes and post-processing, according to the company.

Precise Simulation Version 1.4 FEATool Multiphysics sees enhancements in such areas as defining general data points, point sources and constraints. Image courtesy of Precise Simulation Ltd.

Precise Simulation describes FEATool as “a complete and self-contained toolbox featuring a full suite of functions and subroutines for preprocessing, grid generation, FEM (finite element model) assembly, solvers, post-processing and visualization.” You can combine the software’s predefined physics modes for multiphysics simulation problems such as fluid flow, heat transfer, structural stresses, electrostatics, reaction and transport of mass and chemical species, says the company. Users can modify physics mode equations as well as specify their own equations.

Features include one-, two- and three-dimensional geometry modeling with linear, triangular/tetrahedral and quadrilateral/hexahedral cells as well as automatic grid generation support for complex geometries with triangular cells. FEATool offers a finite element library that includes constant, first and second order conforming and non-conforming FEM shape functions. Customized FEM shape functions are supported.

Precise Simulation Ltd FEATool Multiphysics enables users to set up stationary and time-dependent computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation problems inside of MATLAB and Octave. Shown here is a CFD simulation of vortex shedding. Image courtesy of Precise Simulation Ltd.

Version 1.4 of FEATool sees improvements in its ability to import, export and convert data with the Feat(Flow) flow solvers, the GiD pre- and post-processor, the GMV (General Mesh Viewer) 3D scientific visualization tool, the Gmsh 3D finite element mesh generator and the

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