GE Additive Signs New Customers, Partnerships

GE Additive announced a slate of new partnerships aimed at advancing he company’s additive manufacturing business.

GE Additive announced a slate of new partnerships aimed at advancing he company’s additive manufacturing business.

In late June, GE and its Concept Laser and Arcam subsidiaries signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Oerlikon, an additive manufacturing specialist based in Switzerland.

Executives from Oerlikon and GE Additive announce their partnership. From left to right: Florian Mauerer, Oerlikon; Roland Fischer, CEO of Oerlikon; David Joyce, Vice Chairman, GE; Mohammad Ehteshami, VP and GM, GE Additive. Image: GE Additive

Under the terms of the agreement, GE will provision additive machines and services to Oerlikon, and the company will become a preferred component manufacture and materials supplier to GE Additive and its affiliates. The two companies will also collaborate on additive machine and materials research and development over the next five years.

“GE Additive and Oerlikon both understand the transformative power of additive manufacturing,” said Mohammad Ehteshami, vice president and general manager of GE Additive. “This is further proof that the adoption rate of additive is growing rapidly and we’re proud to partner with Oerlikon.”

GE Additive also formed a partnership with Stryker, a medical technology company, to provide new additive machines, materials, and services for the company’s supply chain operations. Stryker previously purchased Concept Laser and Arcam machines.

The company recently opened a global technology development center and an additive technology manufacturing hub in Ireland.

“Working with GE Additive and leveraging their expertise is a very compelling proposition for Stryker,” said John Haller, vice president of Global Supply at Stryker. “We believe this collaboration will accelerate our additive manufacturing journey and support our mission to make healthcare better.”

Finally, Concept Laser and French aeronautical company Lauak signed a letter of intent to create a new alliance. Lauak plans to purchase Concept Laser additive manufacturing machines and will serve as a reference customer.

Concept Laser will provide support services during the implementation, and collaborate with Lauak to redesign components in the Lauak portfolio.

“We see the huge potential in additive manufacturing and we want to use this technology to complete and improve our current manufacturing processes, as well as the manufacture of new components for the aviation industry,” said Mikel Charritton, CEO of Lauak.

Source: GE Additive

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