Large-Format 3D Printing Outfit Offers Faster, Hotter, More Abrasive Options

BigRep introduces the STUDIO G2 large-format 3D printer.

BigRep introduces the STUDIO G2 large-format 3D printer.

The BigRep STUDIO G2 offers a build space for objects up to 1 meter in length using abrasive materials other 3D printers can’t support. Image courtesy of BigRep.

BigRep introduces the latest in its growing line of large-format 3D printers, the STUDIO G2. This model is designed for use with abrasive and engineering-grade materials not suitable for use in most 3D printers. A combination of new extrusion nozzles and more precise temperature control offer faster throughput and higher resolution.   

The German-engineered and manufactured STUDIO G2 is specifically designed for industrial applications, with a sleek exterior suited for anywhere from the design lab to the shop floor. The exterior stands 1,765 mm. The new fully closed build envelope boasts a print volume of 500x1,000x500 mm, which means in practical use it can print objects 1 meter long. The build space can maintain even temperatures of up to 100°C, which improves adhesion to the print bed for several of the materials supported by the STUDIO G2.

The new dual extruder is equipped with two 0.6 mm ruby nozzles, allowing layer heights as thin as 0.1 mm.  A new inductive sensor enables semi-automatic leveling of the build layer. The combination of custom print speeds and material flow, coupled with the modular temperature controls, allow for a wide variety of custom settings. 

Print time is also improved by a faster print arm that can provide maximum print speed of 19 mm³/s. 

The new extrusion system allows the STUDIO G2 to work with a larger variety of high-temperature, engineering- grade filaments than previous models, including BigRep PLA, Pro HT, TPU and PA 6/66. Future materials to be released soon will include other engineering-grade materials including ASA and composite materials with carbon/glass fiber enhancement. Additional materials include ASA, PA-CF, PET-CF and PMMA.

The headed filament chamber has a separate temperature control from the build chamber, ensuring engineering-grade materials remain dry in the consistently controlled environment.

The STUDIO G2 comes with BigRep’s BLADE slicing software, which provides greater control over printing parameters. It provides presets for all BigRep-compatible materials, and offers an estimation engine for accurate prediction of print times. 

The print bed has been updated to heat faster upon startup. An inductive sensor enables semi-automatic print bed leveling. 

The BigRep STUDIO G2 is now available for purchase. 

For more information on the BigRep STUDIO G2 3D printer, click here. 

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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