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FE-DESIGN releases new versions of TOSCA Structure system design software and TOSCA Fluid topology optimization software for channel flow.

FE-DESIGN releases new versions of TOSCA Structure system design software and TOSCA Fluid topology optimization software for channel flow.

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FE-DESIGN GmbH (Karlsruhe, Germany, and Des Plaines, IL) has announced the version 7.1.1 release of its TOSCA Structure system for the design of lightweight, rigid, and durable components and systems as well as version 2.2.0 of its TOSCA Fluid software for topology optimization of channel flow problems. In related company news, FE-DESIGN recently formed FE-DESIGN Optimization, Inc., to provide software sales, training, consulting and support for its TOSCA Structure and TOSCA Fluid products in North America.

TOSCA Structure
A TOSCA Structure analysis helped engineers change the material
distribution of a tractor lever component design and achieve the
optimal structure depicted here.

TOSCA Structure is a modular software system for non-parametric structural optimization. The company explains that TOSCA Structure, when deployed in combination with standard finite element solvers such as ABAQUS, ANSYS, and NX Nastran, enables topology, shape, and bead optimization. Setup is said to be simple because no model parametrization is necessary, and existing input files can directly be used for optimization. TOSCA Structure supports the complete optimization workflow, including result transfer to CAD systems and automatic model verification, according to the company.

Modules in the TOSCA Structure system include TOSCA Structure for topology optimization, TOSCA Structure.shape for shape optimization, TOSCA Structure.bead for bead optimization, and TOSCA ANSA environment, the graphical user interface.

For high level optimization applications, the company offers TOSCA Structure advanced.LIFE and TOSCA Structure advanced.NONLINEAR. The former provides shape optimization based on results of fatigue simulation using standard fatigue solvers. TOSCA Structure advanced.NONLINEAR enables shape optimization of contact areas to yield a homogeneous contact stress distribution, topology and shape optimization using non-linear material behavior, as well as topology and shape optimization based upon geometric non-linear analysis.

The company reports that TOSCA Structure 7.1.1 has a new output format option in the TOSCA Structure.shape module for transferring shape optimization results back into the NX CAD environment, where a component's original geometry can be updated. (This functionality is said to be similar to the CATIA RSO interface introduced in an earlier release.) Version 7.1.1 also offers extended configuration options in the TOSCA Structure Control Shell that, reportedly, make integration into existing CAD environments more flexible and easier. Further, TOSCA Structure 7.1.1 has been updated with support for the latest solver versions such as Abaqus 6.11 as well as new support for MD Nastran and MD Nastran Desktop from MSC.Software.

FE-DESIGN says that its TOSCA Fluid is the only available system for topology optimization of channel flow problems. TOSCA Fluid, which is described as engineered for the conceptual design phase of industrial internal turbulent flow systems as well as for optimization processes for existing designs, performs the optimization in parallel with your CFD simulation solution. Version 2.2.0 has been enhanced with an interface for STAR-CCM+ versions 5 and 6, and upgraded support to ANSYS FLUENT version 12.1.

Velocity field of a channel flow optimized with TOSCA Fluid.

Additional new features and enhancements in TOSCA Fluid 2.2.0 include an improved smoothing algorithm to prevent shrinkage of the result surfaces during the smoothing process; an enhanced graphical user interface for greater ease of use; and a better mechanism for treating mesh interfaces. The software's advanced STL format support now includes multiple face zones, said to allow fast and seamless feeding of the optimization results back into the original CFD model, which, in turn provides for the easy setup of automatic validation runs.

In making the announcement of its newly opened North American office, Manfred Fritsch, president of FE-DESIGN Optimization, Inc., said that “we are dedicated to support our customers in the US in their transition phase ‘from simulation to optimization’ by leveraging their CAE environment and knowledge and by offering our proven optimization experience & technology.” Offices for FE-DESIGN Optimization, Inc., are located in Des Plaines, IL.

TOSCA Structure 7.1 licensees can download installation files for the 7.1.1 release from the customer portal on FE-DESIGN website now. For complete details on TOSCA Structure 7.1 and TOSCA Fluid 2.2.0, go to FE-DESIGN.

Download the TOSCA Structure brochure.

Download TOSCA Structure data sheet.

Download the TOSCA Fluid brochure.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company's website.

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