RIZE Debuts the RIZE 2XC Adaptive Workplace 3D Printer

Collaboratively developed using Sindoh’s 3D printer with RIZE’s RIZIUM composites, RIZE 2XC helps drive safe, sustainable, affordable 3D printing to create an adaptive workplace

The RIZE 2XC is a professional desktop composite 3D printer that can use the sustainable portfolio of RIZIUM materials. Image courtesy of RIZE.

RIZE, Inc. has announced the RIZE 2XC, a professional desktop composite 3D printer that is the first deliverable of the RIZIUM Alliance, the company's industry partner collaborative that was created to drive greater safety and sustainability in 3D printing.

The sub-$5K RIZE 2XC uses a dual-extrusion system 3D printer unit from Sindoh Co., Ltd., a 3D printer manufacturer based in South Korea, which has been redesigned to run RIZE’s RIZIUM portfolio of engineering-grade materials that are zero emissions, recyclable, moisture-resistant and require minimal post-processing, the company says.

RIZE 2XC is the first deliverable of the RIZIUM Alliance, with Sindoh RIZE’s materials innovation to its platforms. According to RIZE, RIZIUM materials are engineered for safety and user health by avoiding the airborne release of chemicals common in other filament based 3D printers.

Each of two independent extruders in the printer are specifically designed for hardened materials and composite filaments. One extruder runs RIZE’s portfolio of RIZIUM composites and polymers, which are moisture- and chemically resistant, and easily sanitized with soap and water. The other extruder runs RIZIUM Support, a support removal material technology specifically designed by RIZE for filament based extrusion systems, which the company says ensures easy post processing without requiring additional efforts or chemicals.

The company says that the RIZE 2XC printers can also be used safely at home, as many workers are still unable to use their office or workshops during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Sindoh’s cooperative R&D effort with RIZE showed us that we chose the right partner indeed – a partner as committed to innovation in materials and technologies as we are,” said BB Lee, CEO, 3D Printing Division at Sindoh Co., Ltd. “We’re delighted to expand our reach into more segments of the market through the cooperative solutions we are creating with RIZE.”

“The newer, higher performance, safe materials from next-gen FFF players such as RIZE are helping to drive a transformation in the 3D printing sector that are particularly relevant now as the world emerges from a pandemic,” said Tim Greene, research director, 3D printing, at IDC. “The durability and safety advantage that’s possible from next-generation 3D printing systems merits the attention of any engineering or design team that wants to give their users the best, and safest, tools.”

“The RIZE 2XC is especially well suited for a variety of Industrial and Academic applications. Given the high demand for having 3D Composite Parts, we are able to, almost immediately, sign up a customer for the RIZE 2XC to use in their innovative plastic molding applications, such as robotic grippers,” said Ricco Busk, Director at CADSYS, a RIZE Partner. “Combining RIZE’s material advantage in the high quality, easy-to-use 2XC 3D platform opens doors to new markets for 3D printing that need precision parts made safely and sustainably.”

“The industry is overdue for collaborating to put team safety and health as a top priority as business enters a new normal,” said Andy Kalambi, CEO of RIZE. “The RIZE 2XC brings safe, sustainable 3D printing to the compact sub-$5K category for the first time, and can help more organizations gain an important competitive edge. It is also a demonstration of our openness to work with other industry players to deliver on the promise of health and safety of 3D printing users.”

The RIZE 2XC has an introductory price of $3,995 in the U.S. and €3,995 in Europe, and will be available on June 30, 2020 from RIZE’s network of channel partners.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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