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Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

As time to market becomes shorter, faster hardware becomes essential.

As time to market becomes shorter, faster hardware becomes essential.

Image courtesy of BOXX Technologies.

As most engineers and product designers will attest, time to market schedules have become increasingly compressed. Twenty years ago, a product which may have had a schedule of two-and-a-half years from initial design to final product, today may be as short as 15 months. As for the future, one can expect that cycle to be even further abbreviated. This is a difficult challenge to be sure, but it also presents opportunity. 

Computer hardware and CAD software are becoming faster, so although competition is fierce (and will continue to be so), with the right tools, a solid design engineering team will be able to keep pace, and even outdistance their competitors. 

If you look closely at BOXX customers like Bluewrist, a robotics and machine vision company, or Joshua Raimond, a rocket engineer designer, both profiled in recent customer stories, you’ll discover that each had to compete against other design teams—working faster within a shorter time to market while still maintaining the finest in design quality and achieving ROI.

In both instances, challenges became opportunities that resulted in success thanks to good design engineering and purpose-built BOXX solutions.

That’s where BOXX comes in. As SOLIDWORKS solution partners and avid users ourselves, we’re uniquely qualified to help design engineers custom configure the optimal APEXX workstation to run SOLIDWORKS and other CAD software faster and more efficiently than ever before. Our expertise also stems from the fact that we’re not in the business of building standard consumer-grade PCs like our tier-one competitors. BOXX focuses on the professional 3D design and visualization markets, and our strong relationships with software providers and hardware component manufacturers enable us to focus on the future, survey the landscape, and determine ways to improve and support the latest features of your updated software applications. 


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