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Graebert GmbH

Graebert is a leading developer of CAD software for desktop, mobile and cloud.

Nestorstrasse 36a
Berlin, D-10709
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Graebert, with over 30 years of experience in the industry, is recognized as a true innovator in DWG-based CAD solutions for desktop, mobile and cloud. Their Trinity of CAD concept include multi-platform ARES® Commander for the desktop, ARES Touch for smartphones and tablets, and ARES Kudo, a full browser based solution.

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Open Design Alliance targets CAD interoperability in the cloud with new SDK, development platform, and other tools.

Graebert sees itself as the arms merchant for the war to liberate CAD from the desktop. It sells a three-part portfolio of DWG-based CAD software under the ARES brand name for desktop (Commander), mobile (Touch), and cloud (Kudo). It also

There's a new APN Partner Competency Program from Amazon Web Services. Graebert was among the first Advanced Technology Partners to achieve the AWS Industrial Software Competency with its cloud-based CAD technology, ARES Kudo.

Graebert’s latest ARES software offers DWG compatibility on virtually any platform.

A look at the design software industry’s movement toward usage-based, time-based sales models.

Desktop, mobile and cloud computing are converging to improve workflows across users and devices.

Software designers are taking advantage of graphics technologies and user intuition.

The company's Trinity approach will offer complementary desktop, mobile and browser-based versions of its ARES CAD software.

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