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ASML Develops Predictive Metrology Technology for Semiconductor Manufacturing with Machine Learning
In nanofabrication, photolithography is the fundamental patterning step that controls the size of a microchip.
A Spacewalk on Mars with 3D Printed Technology
High-precision, low-weight and strength attributes can help determine the success of a mission to Mars. 3D printing solutions can meet all these requirements.
Transforming Ankle Foot Orthosis with 3D Printing
With the help of large-format 3D printing technology via 3D Platform and research conducted by students at Gonzaga University, patients may soon be able to count on 3D printed orthotics that are affordable and produced in a timely fashion.
Rethinking the Stethoscope
A new digital stethoscope called the Thinklabs One that can be connected to an external speaker and any computer, tablet or phone.
Italian Renaissance of Manufacturing
Global Garden Products is constantly exploring how it can improve its products and manufacturing processes.
Sensing Air Quality in the UK
Vehicles equipped with sensors help control air quality in Glasgow.
Designed with STAR-CCM+
Bottero SpA is changing the way bottles are being made with simulation.
Medviso Receives FDA 510(k) Approval and CE Marking for Cardiovascular Analysis Software
MATLAB offers tools for compliance and design workflow completion.
Shortening Production Processes with 3D Printing
Stratasys’ Connex enables French foundry to cut lead times from up to five weeks.
Built-In Lightweight Performance
The Evora chassis from Lotus Cars was designed to be lightweight from the start.
Racing to a Lighter Design with Optimization
ELBFLORACE and Technische Universität Dresden collaborate for a lighter, stronger steering column mount.
Forwarding Flexible PCB Design
MC10 uses Altium Designer for critical flex circuit design in their wearable medical devices to reduce the manufacturing risk.
Adams Simulation Saves Millions by Replacing Physical Testing in Aircraft Certification
Airbus used the software to demonstrate compliance and validate testing.
A Light Touch: Embedded Optical Sensors Could Make Robotic Hands More Dexterous
Carnegie Mellon creates sensor-rich robotic hand and new stretchable sensor.
The Artful Science of Mold Simulation
Upstate Simulations masters the art and science of mold design with VISI Flow.

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