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Fast App: Faster Modeling Accelerates Powerwing Redesign
Two to three times faster than traditional solid modeling, Solid Edge with synchronous technology speeds the conversion of a steel assembly to a molded plastic part.
Fast App: Motorola Develops Greener Products with Windchill Product Analytics from PTC
Electronics manufacturer controls high-risk substances, complies with environmental regulations and wins recognition as a green product leader.
Fast App: Designing New Magnet Technology: A Multiphysics Challenge
AML's 3D coil-design software and automated construction processes enable rapid deployment of complex magnets.
Fast App: Taking the Lead
High-tech wind tunnels, sophisticated particle image velocimetry and leading-edge Tecplot visualization software help Toyota Motorsport gain the competitive edge.
Fast App: Custom ATE Eliminates the Guesswork
Ensure the success of advanced and emerging technologies via functional testing with Autotest's application-specific automatic testing equipment.
Fast App: Designing the ‘Brains’ for Automated Manual Transmissions
LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim helps Renault bridge the development gap among mechanics, electronics and control software in this hard-to-design system.
Fast App: Quick and Easy
Geomagic Studio helps OtterBox satisfy the simultaneous needs for better, faster and more.
Fast App: An Ounce of Prevention ...
Laser Design's scanner showed the fallacy of a hypothesis--and saved a corporation from making a costly mistake.
Fast App: Under Construction
Adept Engineering's document management helps construction equipment manufacturer Guntert & Zimmerman compete for big projects and enter new markets.
Evolution of Computer-Aided Design
How we got to where we are, and where are we headed.
Fast App: Valiant Machine & Tool Inc. Takes Flight with Autodesk Software
Fast App: FDM Cuts Jet Engine Prototype Time
Fast App: Xcelaero Improves Radial Fans with Concepts NREC CAM Software
Fast App: Converting CAD Models of an Airbus A350
Fast App: CoCreate Used to Develop Livengood Platform

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Glass Free Augmented Reality
Hand tracking allows for a more natural experience compared to using a keyboard and mouse to shift or rotate a...

Ansys Debuts ConceptEV for Enhanced EV Drive Range
ConceptEV optimizes development of electric vehicle powertrains for improved driving range and battery charge times, Ansys reports.

Desktop Metal X25Pro Now Powered by TurboFuse Binder
TurboFuse is a high-speed, high-strength binder that demonstrates enhanced adhesion to metal powders, according to Desktop Metal.

Next-Gen: Students Envision Future of EV Charging Design
Student Competition Profile: Auburn University Industrial & Graphic Design Awards

Deloitte to Collaborate With HPE and NVIDIA on Generative AI
First use case with Deloitte of 'NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE' product portfolio aims to help manufacturers operate secure digital...

BigRep Launches the VIIO 250 Automated, Intuitive 3D Printer
The new large-scale system is designed to be an easy-to-use machine for nonstop 3D printing of industrial-grade parts. 

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