Stratasys Debuts New PolyJet 3D Printing Solution

Two new printers are made for multi-material printing and in-office capabilities and two new software solutions are built for packaging and research.

Two new printers are made for multi-material printing and in-office capabilities and two new software solutions are built for packaging and research.

Stratasys J35 Pro PolyJet 3D Printer. Image courtesy of Business Wire.

Stratasys Ltd. has launched two new PolyJet 3D printers, the Stratasys J35 Pro and the Stratasys J55 Prime, along with new software solutions for research and packaging prototyping.

The J35 Pro represents the first multi-material 3D printer for the desktop from Stratasys, while the J55 Prime extends the value of the J55 3D printer to include a new set of materials providing tactile, textual, and sensory capabilities in addition to full color.

“We’re in the business of helping designers and engineers translate whatever they can imagine into reality,” says Shamir Shoham, vice president of design for Stratasys. “Through the versatility of multi-material PolyJet 3D printing, our customers can create models and packaging prototypes not only quickly and efficiently, but with remarkable realism that stands out against other 3D printing technology.”

Bringing Multi-Material PolyJet Printing to the Desktop 

The new J35 Pro 3D printer accommodates concept modeling to high-fidelity, realistic, fully functioning models. This new multi-material desktop 3D printer is ideal for the engineering and design office setting. With the J35 Pro, users can combine various materials, including Vero UltraClear, that can be printed simultaneously giving versatility to produce parts.

The printer can incorporate up to three materials that can be printed as single material parts or combined on the same model part, on the same tray. Applications include over-molding, filling simulation and printing in full gray scale.

The multi-material capabilities of the printer allow designers and engineers to incorporate various grayscale colors and materials into a single print, while achieving complex shapes, details and delicate features. Engineers and designers can test the functionality of the printer's capabilities in the pre-production stage. The J35 Pro also offers a simple design-to-print workflow powered by GrabCAD Print, allowing users to import their designs using native CAD files or 3MF file formats.

The J35 Pro is available for orders now and is expected to begin shipping in September. Click here to learn more.

Packaging Visual Prototypes 

The new packaging solution from Stratasys enables designers to easily produce complex, high-transparency, full-color, high-fidelity packaging prototypes that accurately simulate final packaging including realistic color combinations, textures, transparency and flexibility. This includes the ability to print simulated glass bottles and add “labels” with sharp text and images that meet 2D graphics labeling standards. Designers can incorporate simulated products or fillings, like cosmetics, makeup or liquids, for realistic rapid prototyping. 

Cups feature the new packaging capabilities of Stratasys. Image courtesy of Business Wire/Stratasys.

The Packaging software solution will soon be available through GrabCAD Print and is compatible with Stratasys J8 Prime, Stratasys J7 Series and Stratasys J55 Prime 3D printers. To learn more about how PolyJet technology regarding packaging prototypes, click here.

J55 Prime Extends Prototyping Possibilities 

The J55 Prime builds on the technology of the Stratasys J55 3D printer introduced in 2020. This new system goes beyond full-color printing with new materials that enable tactile, textual, and sensory capabilities. In addition to the existing realistic visual models, the printer uses multiple materials that cater to design, functional and biocompatible prototyping, such as:

  • Elastico Clear and Elastico Black for flexible, soft-touch printing that accurately simulates the look, feel and function of rubber-like products.
  • Digital ABS Ivory for high impact designs such as molds, jigs, fixtures and functional prototypes.
  • VeroContactClear, a translucent material designed for prolonged skin or bodily contact such as medical devices, sport wear or wearables.
  • Ultra-opaque colors, enabled by the VeroUltra family of materials, introduces 2D level graphics and text, vibrant and accurate colors with better plastic simulation.

The J55 Prime is office-friendly, with a compact design, odor-free and quiet operation; orders are being taken now, with shipping expected in July 2021. For more information, visit the J55 Prime webpage.

Researchers Accelerate Innovation with PolyJet 

The research package provides users with increased flexibility over the print process, allowing them to explore and experiment with additive manufacturing and accelerate innovation in the lab. Innovators can now use the materials to print with air voids and liquid or embed an object into a print. Researchers can also use this extended set of materials and capabilities to experiment with 4D printing—the process by which a 3D printed object undergoes a transformation due to the influence of another material or outside element.

Combined with GrabCAD Voxel Print, software users can define the data volumetrically for each 3D voxel throughout the entire model. This allows for an advanced level of control at a microscopic scale, enabling higher resolutions, fine-tuned color placement and shore value transitions within one part.

The PolyJet Research Package is available for booking now and is expected to be released in September 2021. To learn more about Stratasys software solutions, visit

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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