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HP Donates D300e BioPrinters to NGOs, Universities, and Research Institutions
Company also donates $100,000 (US) to Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) through the HP Foundation to research possible treatments for the virus.
3D Systems and Antleron Collaborating
3D Systems' MultiJet Printing and Figure 4 technologies combined with Antleron's bioengineering expertise to target bioprinting solutions with potential to improve personalized patient care.
nScrypt Launches Ruggedized Precision 3D Printer/Bioprinter
nScrypt is now launching the nRugged, a precision 3D printing/bioprinting platform for harsh environments. nRugged is a ruggedized version of nScrypt's digital manufacturing platform.
Bioprinter Wins Design Award
The BIOX 3D bioprinter prints with human tissue for life science research applications.
P&G Makes Bioprinting Play
Procter & Gamble has formed a partnership with Aether that will combine bioprinting, artificial intelligence, robotics and computer vision
BIOLIFE4D Prints Human Cardiac Patch
The patch contains multiple cell types found in the human heart and also includes preliminary vascularization.
UK Researchers Can Rapidly Print Corneas
Researchers at Newcastle University have developed a way to use stem cells to print new corneas quickly that can be custom fit to a patient's eye.
Skin-Deep Bioprinting Innovation
New method said to be around 50 times cheaper than alternative methods and requires 10 times less base material.
Successful 3D Cartilage Printing
Researchers at Belgium’s Sahlgrenska Academy and Chalmers University of Technology have 3D bioprinted new cartilage for transplant procedures.
Russians Plan Space Bioprinting
3D Printing Stem Cells
Nano Dimension is developing bioprinting technology that will use stem cells.
Researchers to Print Blood Vessels
Researchers at Rice University have 3D printed a blood vessel construct that could aid in the creation of artificial organs.
Low-Cost Human Organ Printing
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon developed a method for human organ printing that uses low-cost printers and hydrogel frameworks.

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