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NVIDIA Launches Quadro Data Center Workstation
The GPU maker is also updating its Grid VDI software with support for GPUs that offer higher density.
EpiGrid to Offer Cloud-Hosted SOLIDWORKS
ebb3: Fast Connection to Data is the Key to High Performance Virtual Computers
USC Gets Schooled in the Virtues of Engineering VDI
Using GPU-enabled VDI from Dell, USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering designed its computer classrooms to handle graphics-intensive applications.
AMD Takes Hardware Approach To GPU Virtualization
VDI Takes the Driver’s Seat In Nissan Next Generation Vehicle Design Platform
Nissan is implementing a new next-generation vehicle design infrastructure built on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) designed to give its global R&D centers a continuous, high-speed connection to the latest vehicle data no matter where they are located.

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NVIDIA RTX™ GPUs Drive Advanced Design Visualization
A properly configured engineering workstation can enable new levels of rendering performance.

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Configure the Right Workstation for SOLIDWORKS 2022
Experts weigh in on the best hardware and SOLIDWORKS settings.

Student Design Aims to Help Deprived Communities
Award-winning design aims to filter washing machine water and make it reusable for people in deprived communities.

SPK Releases vCAD
Product enables instant creation of engineering cloud workstations, preconfigured with software and setup.

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