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Precision Workstation Storage Classification
The paper provides an in-depth description of the different types of SSDs and how Dell classifies them via benchmarking.
Precise Simulation Releases FEATool 1.7.1 Update
Precise Simulation has released a FEATool Multiphysics update featuring a redesigned and simplified mesh and grid generation toolbar.
Altair Launches WEYV Entertainment App Platform; DE in the Mix
3D Printed Chain, Using HP Multi Jet Fusion, Lifts Car Off Ground
3D printed chain using HP technology lifts car off ground.
Powering the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers
Powering the HP Jet Fusion 3D printer
MATLAB Bolsters Text Analytics to Aid in Predictive Maintenance
The new Text Analytics Toolbox, a product within the semi-annual MATLAB upgrade, is designed to help engineers extract more value from data, specifically unstructured text.
3DEXPERIENCE & Additive Manufacturing
Onshape’s Tricks for Sheet Metal Design
ANSYS Fluent: Dealing with Meshing
Proto Labs’ Cool Idea! Award
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Tormach Machines Help Make Dice for Gaming
Sometimes you just have to toss the dice and bet on your idea.
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Let Simulation Guide You
The same simulation technology once reserved for expert analysts is now available to all design engineers, and it’s easier to use than you think.
Mentor Prepares Engineers for an Electric, Self-Driving Future
A recap of the Mentor Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum (IESF) Automotive 2017.
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On-Demand Webcasts Focus on Engineering Simulation in the Cloud
Taking some or even all your engineering simulations to the cloud raises a lot of questions. Here's what's in it for you.
Jabil Sees Future of Manufacturing for 3D Printing

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Reusable Manufacturing Mould Unveiled
The mould, said to be infinitely reusable, can reportedly produce parts faster than 3D printing.

Audi Sport Boosts Design and Production With Help of Ultimaker
By embracing 3D printing for tools, Audi Sport has slashed costs while reducing lead times, Audi Sports reports.

3D Desktop Printer Market Expected to Grow by USD$5.20 Billion by 2028
There's expected to be increasing demand for 3D-printed jewelry to boost market growth, Technavio reports.

SPEE3D Launches Expeditionary Manufacturing Unit
EMU enables industries with large industrial equipment, including defence, mining, and marine, to print and replace large metal parts in...

Stratasys Offers New Digital Anatomy 3D Printer
Medical facilities and device manufacturers can now create patient-specific models to enhance surgical preparation, Stratasys reports.

Fonon AM Technology to Advance Naval Industry
Navy to take advantage of 3D laser metal printing.

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