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Jabil Sees the Future of Manufacturing with HP 3D Printing
Watch a short video in which these engineers tell you what has so impressed them about the HP 3D print technology and check out the white paper for more details.
Space Version of 3D Printing: NASA’s Archinaut Unveiled
Space’s Version of 3D printing: NASA’s ‘Archinaut’ Inches Toward Reality
Create Toolpaths with Speed with Autodesk Inventor
Formula Student UK 2017: Going From Solidworks to Silverstone
Learn how students at Formula Student UK 2017 went from SOLIDWORKS to Silverstone.
AeroGust Project
The AeroGust (Aeroelastic Gust Modelling) Project, funded by the European Union, has been set up. Its goal is to achieve better understanding of the aircraft/gust interactions early in the design process, by crafting new efficiencies and higher accuracy in...
Point-Cloud Converter Updated
New selectable surfaces functionality enables users to categorize objects within a 3D scene.
Siemens Accelerates Automated Driving Solutions Via TASS Acquisition
TASS is best known for its PreScan physics-based platform used to simulate and model advanced sensor systems.
Connex3: The Versatility Standard in 3D Printing
The white paper “Connex3: The Versatility Standard in 3D Printing” explores how the Connex3 series of multi-material, multi-color rapid prototyping systems from Stratasys can accelerate your product development process.
Integrated Multiphysics Toolset Updated
Advanced markup technology and refined automatic part contact analysis debut.
Stratasys Highlights GrabCAD Print for SOLIDWORKS
Stratasys Highlights GrabCAD Print for SOLIDWORKS.
Phytec Cuts Lead Time with 3D Printer
Physic cuts lead time with 3D printer.
Vizible VR Made for Sales Professionals
Vizible VR is made for sales professionals.
Project Ivy: Exploring Spatially Situated Visual Programming
The availability of embedded, digital systems has led to a multitude of interconnected sensors and actuators being distributed among smart objects and built environments. To explore how spatial and contextual information can facilitate the authoring of intelligent environments, Autodesk introduces...
Connected Vehicle: The Future of Transportation
This connected vehicle technology can change our transportation system as well know it.

Latest News

Formlabs Acquires Micronics
Purpose of acquisition is to advance accessible SLS 3D printing, Formlabs reports.

America Makes to Host 12th Annual MMX in Youngstown
The event is designed for professionals in government and military, academia, and the additive manufacturing (AM) industry to network, plan,...

Integrated Deposition Solutions Partners with Advanced Printed Electronic Solutions
Goal of collaboration to forge application development and manufacturing partnership leveraging NanoJet technologies to accelerate product concept-to-production of applications.

NAMI Picks 3D Systems’ Metal & Polymer AM Solutions
NAMI purchased 3D Systems’ metal DMP Factory 500 and DMP Flex 350 Dual solutions, and polymer SLS 380 solution to produce parts for...

Find CAD on any Website With New Tool
CAD SCOUT 3Dfindit enables engineers and designers to instantly find CAD for products they are researching online.

Altair HyperWorks 2024 Released
Enhancements help boost environment for AI-powered simulation-driven solution, company says.

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