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Simulating Humans
HPC-backed in silico simulation could fuel the next revolution in clinical studies and treatment development.
3D printers rally to make PPE, simulation examines social distancing
Professional and hobbyist 3D printers join the race to make PPE, simulation reveals social distancing's effectiveness
Leishenshan Hospital Simulates Virus Contamination
Rapidly built Wuhan hospital uses SIMULIA to evaluate virus diffusion in its ventilation system.
SIMULIA Goes on the Road
Dassault Systemes goes on the road to promote SIMULIA simulation solutions
SIMULIA road trip, Unreal Engine 4.23 highlights, ANSYS and Edge Case Research partnership, more
Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA goes on the road to promote simulation, Epic Games launches Unreal 4.23 with Beta features, ANSYS and Edge Case Research partner to address autonomous vehicle hazard detection, GPU-based on-demand Bullet Render Fame goes live
Dassault Systèmes Releases SIMULIA 2019
Simulating Humans
HPC-backed in silico simulation could fuel the next revolution in clinical studies and treatment development.
Rescale Introduces CST Studio Suite to ScaleX Cloud Platform
New partnership with Rescale and CST will enable engineers and scientists running simulations in CST Studio Suite to access HPC network via Rescale’s platform.
The Changing Art of Making Parts: Part 2
Simulation-driven additive manufacturing advances to take on materials, organic shapes and new manufacturing techniques.
The Science of Simulation
Dassault Systèmes' Science in the Age of Experience" examines current simulation efforts and advancements."
The Solar Impulse 2 Aircraft Continues to Make History
The solar-powered aircraft's crew recently landed in Phoenix to showcase the technology.
Accelerate Innovation with Realistic Simulation
How the transportation industry is bringing higher quality products to market for less by designing for value and delivering on target.
Examining Design in the Age of Experience, Part 2
Simulate to Shed Weight Sooner
Use structural simulation software early for optimum lightweighting.
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Enhance the User Experience with Simulation
When knowledge capture, data management, analytics and collaboration are an integral part of simulation, innovation that makes for outstanding customer experience becomes more likely.
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Making the Case for Simulation in the Age of Experience
The Experience Economy is driving a paradigm shift in design and engineering. How will you leverage simulation to power innovation?

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Luxion Releases KeyVR Update
KeyVR brings One-Click VR to collaborative design with new control, interface and performance features for enhanced 3D experiences, company says.

Voxel8 Additive Manufacturing Delivers Enhanced Comfort to Hush Puppies Brand
The latest shoes from Hush Puppies to hit the market starting in 2022 will incorporate Voxel8's multi-material additive manufacturing technology.

A Reality Check for Simulation
Simulation needs test-based validation to be credible.

Remcom Debuts Transient EM/Circuit Co-Simulation for TVS Diode ESD Protection Analysis
The new release supports the import of TVS diode netlist files and inclusion of their nonlinear behavior in a finite-difference...

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