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Diversity in Medical Simulation Applications
Computer analysis of man and machines is changing how we offer health care.
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Fatigue from PSDs: Background Theory and fe-safe Implementation
Fatigue analyses are run in industries as diverse as aerospace, medical devices, cellphone design, and nuclear power.
Simulation Drives Automobile Electronics
Simulation software gives insight into battery and MEMS-based device design.
Innovation Reigns at the SIMULIA Community Conference
The Dassault System SIMULIA Community Conference provides attendees with information on simulation product capabilities and direction, access to SIMULIA engineers and networking opportunities.
Dassault Systemes SIMULIA Releases 3D Simulated Heart
This technology will help create a new era of heart condition diagnosis and treatment.
Free White Paper on Simulation-Led Design via High-Performance Computing Clusters
HPC Clusters Pair with Advanced Simulation Software to Spawn New Age of Innovative Design.
Optimize Sheet Metal Structures Efficiently
Dassault SIMULIA Tosca Structure 8.0 for non-parametric structural optimization released.
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Editor’s Pick: Optimize Sheet Metal Structures Efficiently
Dassault SIMULIA Tosca Structure 8.0 for non-parametric structural optimization released.
On-Demand Webinar: IBM Application Ready Solution for Abaqus Users
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Flying to the Extremes with Realistic Simulation
Fast App: Driving for Design Success - and Cleaner Air
Scania redesigns truck engine components, helping reach Euro 6 emissions goals, using SIMULIA Tosca Structure.
Adding Electromagnetic Effects to a Multiphysics Analysis
Oh, the problems you'll solve with coupled physics simulations ...
Highlights from the NAFEMS World Congress 2013
The biennial gathering dedicated to engineering simulation introduced the Professional Simulation Engineer designation and incorporated the first International Conference on Simulation Process and Data Management.
Collaborate to Innovate
The ideas design engineers contribute will save and improve lives in ways we can only imagine.
Meshing Your Design for Analysis: Which Path to Take?
Automation makes the job easier, but flexible options still rule.

Latest News

NVIDIA Debuts GeForce RTX 3060 Family for the Holidays
GeForce RTX 3060 Ti delivers ray-tracing and DLSS performance.

Forward AM Launches Ultrafuse Material for Metal 3D Printing
New filament is especially developed for applications requiring high hardness and mechanical strength for various industries.

Varjo Releases VR-3, XR-3
Varjo Releases VR-3, XR-3 . Wider field of view, Ultra HD vision, and depth awareness define 3rd-Gen Varjo headsets.

Kubotek Kosmos 3D Framework 3.0 Released
Build engineering software with fast, interoperable tools available.

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