3D Printing Is Automated With Array

The company also offers metrics through its cost-per-part and throughput calculator.

The company also offers metrics through its cost-per-part and throughput calculator.

Array 3D printing system from Mosaic Manufacturing. Image courtesy of Mosaic Manufacturing.

The new Array 3D printing system from Mosaic Manufacturing was built to ensure high machine uptime, low labor time per print, and an automated project management workflow for large organizations and many users. 

Array aims to transform the cost and scalability of 3D printing. The company offers metrics through its cost-per-part and throughput calculator, available on the Array page here.  

Mosaic is focused on multimaterial FDM 3D printing, allowing operators to create parts in up to eight colors or materials. This type of functionality works when printing branded parts, parts with serialization or geometries requiring soluble support material. Mosaic’s Palette X technology enables automated material management to ensure users can swap materials in the Array in a fully automated way. 

This combination of automated workflows, high-temperature printing and multimaterial printing allows users to completely revamp the workflow and the output of the 3D printing setup. 

Array in Industry

Early adopters of Array are applying scaled 3D printing across a number of industries: manufacturing, education and 3D printing service bureaus.

According to Mosaic Manufacturing, Array’s strengths are high throughput, low total cost per part, fast ROI and high profitability. With conventional 3D printers, fast printer turnaround speeds and the requirement of user input to move beds around translates directly into increased labor hours. 

For more details, visit the blog here.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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