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Spherene for Rhino Released

With the tool, create models for additive manufacturing, lightweight structures, and efficient infills.

With the tool, create models for additive manufacturing, lightweight structures, and efficient infills.

Femur demonstrator. Printed on Rapidia Conflux 1 using 316L stainless steel paste. Image courtesy of Rapidia.

Spherene for Rhino from Spherene is released. Spherene metamaterial emulates isotropic bulk material but with variable density. Create models for additive manufacturing, lightweight structures, and efficient infills. Intuitively control the industry’s only surface conformal minimal surface for time savings.

What if you could design shoes like you are growing a coral, using generative software to automatically create the exact properties you require throughout your product, while minimizing the amount of material that you need to produce it? Spherene asks. And what if you could produce these sophisticated structures not just with 3D printing, but also with molds? This is essentially what Spherene´s plugin for Rhino enables you to do!

spherene metamaterial is built to enhance design and manufacturing. It mimics bulk material properties, cutting design time. Create spherene metamaterial through the API or integrate it into your existing CAD workflow.

Spherene: Design for Manufacturing Redefined


Surface conformal minimal surface

Optimal stress distribution due to true isotropy

Adapts to any shape

Behaves like bulk material

Efficient Manufacturing

Minimized need of build supports

Improved thermal dissipation

Saves costs & time

For all materials & printing methods

Powerful Design Tools

Fast & user-friendly design tools

Adjust density, thickness, bias

Customize with cavities & closures

Autonomous shape generation

spherene Ltd. offers various services, ensuring users leverage spherene's potential, from initial integration to customized enhancements and comprehensive training. For workflow integration, users can blend spherene into the CAD workflow. Spherene offers feature developments to meet specific project requirements.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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