Digital Engineering, January 2017

Optimize additive manufacturing; biomimicry; material testing for elastomer durability; monitors for engineering; system-level lightweighting; simulation of additive manufacturing and more.

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Optimize Your Additive Manufacturing Know-How

Learn from the best with these resources for part planning, design for AM, build optimization and other facets of the 3D printing world.

Beyond Organic Shapes

The pursuit of biomimicry shouldn’t be confined to mimicking natural shapes.

Predict Elastomer Durability

Accurate material testing is key to predicting elastomer behavior.

Monitors Are Looking Good

Engineers can use large displays with increased resolution and touchsreen capabilities to improve how they interact with their designs.

Designers Living in a Materials World

The promise and challenges of a systems-level approach to lightweighting.

The Changing Art of Making Parts: Part II

Simulation-driven additive manufacturing advances to take on materials, organic shapes and new manufacturing techniques.

Lessons in Lightweighting

The World Solar Car Challenge not only provides a hands-on learning experience for students, it also provides a crash course in novel lightweighting and aerodynamics techniques.

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