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Stent Simulation: Big Complications in a Small Package
Stent simulation requires training to develop engineering skills and workflows. Software providers are stepping in to provide it to their medical customers.
Tesla Breaks the Simulation Bottleneck
Automating CAE connector creation in HyperMesh helped optimize Tesla's engineering design cycle.
Structural FEA in the Automotive Industry
A look at some of the finite element analysis technologies involved in creating a vehicle--and the simulation methods involved.
CAM Heads to the Cloud
Sold as a subscription, Autodesk CAM 360 challenges long-held notions.
IT-free HPC Appliances
Pre-configured clusters try to take the high-performance computing middle ground.
Cars Get Connected
Vehicle-to-vehicle communication mandates offer opportunities for design engineers.
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Turbomachinery Blade Design
Reliable Turbomachinery Blade Design with Aeromechanical Simulation
Fast App: Looking Deep into Heart Valve Replacement
FEops uses SIMULIA solutions to provide realistic simulation of transcatheter heart-valve procedure planning and design.
How to Maximize Multi-Material and Color Possibilities
Collaborate on Simulation Data
With simulation now standard, it is imperative to properly store and manage simulation data.
The Mod(ular) Squad
From own to rent, from all-in-one to pick-what-you-want -- modular software and rental programs emerge to address the needs of activist-inventors.
FEA Loading Tips
The smoother your finite element analysis loading process, the easier your workload will be.
Accuracy and Checking in FEA Part 2
Let's take a closer look at finite element analysis model checking aspects, including supplementary or auxiliary analyses set up to confirm correct model behavior.
It’s Time for Manufacturing
Advanced manufacturing initiatives move forward.
Build It, and They Will Come
Multi-material 3D printing just might elevate your prototyping to new levels.

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