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Sensor Selection: Making Sense of it All
Desktop Engineering offers some insight into successful sensor selection.
Health Care Turns to 3D Printing
Additive manufacturing gets personal with pre-surgical models -- and gets a regulatory thumbs-up.
Dealing with Data Storage
Simulation data can consume massive amounts of storage -- stressing networks, infrastructures and engineers.
Engineering Data Growth: The March is On
Today's companies need document management systems that enable access, security and protection, as well as a means of archiving valuable layers of intellectual property that have grown through the years.
Keep New Product Development Initiatives on Target
Most cost management activities fit naturally into existing engineering activities.
Big Analog Data in Control Systems
Companies are finding innovative ways to deal with the complexity of automotive systems.
CFD Helps Ferrari Race to Victory
You never just go with the flow when you've been fast collaborators for 15 years.
Accuracy and Checking in FEA, Part 1
The final accuracy of the results reported in a finite element analysis model depends on many factors. Let's take a look at how errors can occur -- and how to avoid them.
Don’t Dismiss Data Duties
Take an active role in data management decisions before they are decided for you.
Speed Up Engineering IT
Virtualization promises a solution to the budget constraints and challenges associated with deploying new engineering computing hardware.
Additive Manufacturing’s New Design Paradigm
3D printing allows companies to rethink previously impossible to manufacture designs, optimize their products, and support new business models.
The Coming Impact of CPS on Design
What does the future hold for design methodology in the face of technology?
Big Engineering Data: Don’t Panic
Fight the data explosion with smart FEA.
Fast App: Optimization Improves Style Without Adding Costs
Evenflo redesigns a car seat release handle using solidThinking Inspire.
Pulling Double Duty at Sharp: Multiphysics and Modeling
COMSOL Multiphysics Software offers simulation and modeling for Sharp Corp.'s research and product development.

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AI Company Earns National Science Foundation Award
Award was given to ExLattice for for develping its accelerated simulation engine dedicated to additive manufacturing.

2022 Teamcenter 14.1 Fresh With New Capabilities
Users can maintain accurate, up-to-date specifications and designs throughout the engineering development process.

Autodesk Fusion 360 Manage with Upchain Now Available
By offering Fusion 360 Manage with Upchain, customers can work with cloud PLM and PDM for one price, according to the...

FREE WEBINAR Sept. 8: From Optimization to Uncertainty Quantification through Machine Learning
In this webcast, learn how uncertainty quantification and machine learning can improve predictive modeling and optimize designs.

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