It Takes a Beast to Handle Beastly Data Loads

Simulation, rendering, artificial intelligence and virtual reality jobs demand way more than your everyday workstation.

Simulation, rendering, artificial intelligence and virtual reality jobs demand way more than your everyday workstation.

You can tailor the RENDERBEAST hardware to match your unique design, rendering, simulation and next-generation workflows. Image courtesy of RAVE Computer.

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You've done design and rendering for a while now. But remember when you'd hit render and your productivity left for the day? Your machine could do it, but you really couldn't use it for much else. Then GPUs (graphics processing units) arrived and you could keep running your single-threaded CAD solution on the CPU while the GPU crunched the render.


Yet times changed again. Now, your designs and renders are bigger and more complex. Multithreaded, compute-intensive AI (artificial intelligence), simulation and VR (virtual reality) solutions are now part of your design and engineering toolkit. And as they pile their megadata on the old workhorse, you're starting to feel like it's déjà vu all over again. What to do?

Consider a new beast of burden like the RENDERBEAST. The name is autological. This seems one beast of a computer. Actually, it's a personal desktop-sized supercomputer. But it's not just any beast. It's engineered to be your personal beast. Here's what that means.

The RENDERBEAST starts with a chassis optimized for large-model design and rendering. As you can see from the picture above, it's also cool-looking. The optional handle helps make it relocatable, but it's not a smartphone,

Building off that chassis, you collaborate with the people at RAVE Computer to match the optimal hardware to your design and engineering solutions. They then hand-assemble it.

Start with CPUs. You can choose to power your career using Intel Xeon processors with up to 28 cores or an AMD Threadripper with up to 16 cores. The CPUs are liquid-cooled, so you won't be sitting next to an idling jet.

Memory: You can have up to 512GB with the Intel Xeon CPUs or up to 128GB with the AMD Threadrippers.

Still, it's really all about handling next-generation stuff like VR-enhanced workflows, number-crunching AI and high-end simulations with speed. You can trick out your RENDERBEAST with up to four NVIDIA Quadro GPUs. That includes the Quadro GV100 with its AI-optimized Volta architecture.

Essentially, the GV100 is an AI supercomputer on a GPU. Its specs include 5120 CUDA parallel-processing cores, 640 Tensor cores and 32GB of memory. Those Tensor cores provide teraflops of mixed-precision matrix calculations that lie at the heart of deep learning.

The RENDERBEAST brings together multi-core CPUs, extreme memory and massive GPU processing capabilities in a single workstation. That should keep you productive deep into the next-generation of engineering. Hit today's link to learn more.

Thanks, Pal. – Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, DE

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