Lenovo Unveils AI Workstation

Available in single- and dual-processor configurations, the new solution offers enterprise-grade hardware and software.

Available in single- and dual-processor configurations, the new solution offers enterprise-grade hardware and software.

Lenovo announces its new Lenovo AI Workstation—an out-of-the-box client workstation platform designed to incorporate AI solutions and enhance the efficiency of machine and deep learning workflows. 

According to Lenovo, an AI workstation can offer various AI solutions, including increased security and control, as well as improved speed and efficiency.  

Image courtesy of Lenovo.

Available in single- and dual-processor configurations, the new solution offers enterprise-grade hardware and software. The AI Workstation is built around Lenovo's configurations of the ThinkStation P520 and ThinkStation P920 workstations, with Intel Xeon processors with error-correcting code memory. Additionally, Lenovo has incorporated the latest NVIDIA Quadro RTX professional GPUs with AI-optimized Tensor Cores. This solution also features the Ubuntu Linux operating system, an OS made for data scientists, delivering an NVIDIA RAPIDS-ready platform to support a number of GPU-accelerated AI frameworks and algorithms.

Lenovo’s AI Workstation can also be clustered together at the desktop and then scaled into the data center because of Lenovo Intelligent Computing Orchestration or LiCO. This software solution, developed internally at Lenovo by Lenovo's datacenter group, allows professionals to simplify the management and use of distributed workstations for more AI model development. 

Lenovo’s AI Workstation will be available by the end of March. System configurations are highly customizable, scalable and pricing is determined by customer need.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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