SynDaver Launches U.S.-made 3D Printer

Printer includes extensive feature set, 3-year warranty.

Printer includes extensive feature set, 3-year warranty.

SynDaver 3D printer. Image courtesy of SynDaver.

The SynDaver Axi 3D printer is made by a science and technology company headquartered in Tampa, FL, and focuses on prosumers and hobbyists. The company is known for synthetic human and animal models used for anatomy education, surgical simulation and medical device testing. 

SynDaver, which has used 3D printers extensively in its manufacturing operations for close to a decade, created a new division called SynDaver West, leveraging talent from a Loveland, CO, 3D printing company that closed at the end of 2019. Since then, the SynDaver West team has been working on the development of SynDaver Axi. 

“When we designed this printer, we incorporated the best features from every other leading printer currently available, fine-tuned them to ensure the printer works amazingly well, and made it rugged and remarkably reliable,” says Curt Ketner, vice president of SynDaver. “This printer can be used by companies with a need for serious 3D printing capabilities or by 3D printing hobbyists, and we even took security into consideration, so this can be immediately adopted and deployed by the military while maintaining operational security.”

The SynDaver Axi features a large color touchscreen; a heated, automatic self-leveling and removable bed plate and an E3D Hemera toolhead. It can print large volume builds to the full size of the print bed with edge-to-edge printing capability. The Axi is quiet, features a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, free U.S.-based customer and technical support and is American made.

The Axi retails for $3,250; it can be purchased one can do so directly through SynDaver, or through one of the company’s official channel partners, which include IT-Works 3D, Makerwiz, Midwest Technology, 3D Printlife, and Printed Solid. The SynDaver Axi will also be available for purchase on Amazon, Matterhackers, Mouser, Digikey and Print Your Mind soon. 

The Axi will be manufactured on SynDaver's campus in Tampa, which is being set up as a new business incubator. According to Sakezles, the incubator will focus on helping companies that are manufacturing American-made goods in the technology space, and other businesses that serve those companies. 

SynDaver’s synthetic humans, animal models and task trainers simulate the anatomy of live patients in great detail, including individual muscles, tendons, veins, arteries, nerves and organ systems. The company’s patented synthetic tissues are made of water, fibers and salts, and each has been validated against the relevant living tissue for mechanical and physical properties.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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