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Autonomous Vehicles

Hexagon Acquires VIRES
VIRES will be fully consolidated as part of the acquisition.
Autonomous Vehicle Consortium Steers Toward One-Stop Test Platform
The ADAS IIT (Innovation in Test) collaboration plans to create a scalable, future-proof ADAS test solution based on the National Instruments hardware and software platform.
In Search of Engineering Tech at CES
Autonomous vehicles, 3D printing and new computing user experiences lead the CES tech news for engineers.
Autonomous Car Technology Rules at CES 2017
Major automakers are debuting the latest advances to showcase the future of mobility.
U.S. DOT Advances Connected Vehicle Technology Deployment
The proposed rule would help standardize vehicle-to-vehicle communication.
Testing a Go-Anywhere Robot Car
Fed Gives Green Light to Driverless Cars
The mandate called on the states to come up with a uniform set of policies.
Cognitive Mobility: Olli the Self-Driving Vehicle
The vehicle is connected to IBM's Watson.
Driving While Blind: The Challenges of Human-Robot Interaction
First self-driving car fatality shines spotlight on the gap between robotic capabilities and perceptions.
Intel, BMW and Mobileye Partner for Self-Driving Cars
The companies want to develop solutions for fully automated driving by 2021.
Michigan Pulls Ahead In Autonomous Vehicle Race
Michigan tries to grab the mantle for leadership in connected and autonomous vehicles, a market predicted to reach 129 million vehicles sold between 2020 and 2035.
Self-Driving Golf Carts at MIT
Researchers are working to outfit a small fleet of carts to navigate themselves with laser technology.
Ford Develops Research Initiatives in Silicon Valley
The company is working on autonomous vehicle technology and smartwatch applications.
Driverless Cars Could Save Thousands of Lives
Nissan Says Autonomous Cars are Coming in 2020

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Epic Games Teams Up with Autodesk
Their joint goal is to accelerate real-time, immersive design capabilities across industries.

Tech Soft 3D Launches CAE-Based CEETRON Toolkits
The CEETRON solutions enables software engineers to accelerate CAE application development at every stage of the process.

Quickparts Acquires Xcentric Mold & Engineering
Acquisition expands Quickparts’ digital manufacturing offerings.

Simulation’s Answer to Connected Car Complexity
The path to adopting advanced multiphysics design practices is complicated and multifaceted.

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