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Sustainability Beyond Carbon Counting
Design software makers foresee integrated lifecycle assessment tools.
Sustainability Beyond Carbon Counting
Design software makers foresee integrated lifecycle assessment tools.
Greening the 3D Printing Industry
New materials, optimized processes enhance AM’s already robust sustainability advantages.
KIMYA Renews Commitment to ORPLAST 3 to Develop Recycled Filaments
The FIL’REC project combines performance and eco-design, companies say.
Materialise Introduces 3D Printing Service Using up to 100% Recycled Powder
Bluesint PA 12 provides sustainable 3D printing option.
Sustaining the Future of 3D Printing
Experts share their sustainability approaches for manufacturing the way to a more planet-friendly future.
Amcor Joins the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council
Amcor’s partnership with the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) designed to help foster more sustainable practices and innovation across the healthcare industry, organizations note.
3D Printing with Recycled Polystyrene, or, New Life for Party Cups
Creativity is everywhere in the field of materials for 3D printing. Combining recycling processes with filament production techniques, one company offers some unique blends.
Project to Turn Ocean Plastic into Prosthetics
The Million Waves Project launched a new initiative that hopes to both reduce ocean plastics while also tackling another problem – the lack of affordable prosthetic limbs available in the developing world.
WoeLab Build 3D Printer from E-Waste
Staff at WoeLab, a community technology hub and network of local inventors and entrepreneurs, built a 3D printer using parts from old printers, computers and scanners.
Berkeley Students to Recycle 3D Printing Filament
They are creating a system that grinds up and melts printer plastic to make new spools of filament that can then be re-used in campus' 100+ 3D printers.
Boeing, Team USA to Recycle 7,000 lbs. of Carbon Fiber

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