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ANSYS Startup Program Gaining Ground

More than 500 startups have joined the ANSYS Startup Program since inception.

More than 500 startups have joined the ANSYS Startup Program since inception.

From a 3D automotive radar system to electric Hyperloop transportation to a nonprofit conquering food security through automation and artificial intelligence, more than 500 startup companies around the world are leveraging the ANSYS Startup Program to create and deliver life-changing innovations. Since the program’s inception in 2016, 558 startups have joined the program, using ANSYS solutions.

The ANSYS Startup Program gives low-cost access to ANSYS' suite of engineering simulation products to startups around the world.

“The companies in our Startup Program are industry pioneers often on the leading edge of innovation,” says Sin Min Yap, vice president, Global Corporate Strategic Initiatives at ANSYS. “ANSYS makes simulation both affordable and accessible to these companies—enabling them to make key advancements in diverse industries.”

“ANSYS and finite element simulations allow us to perform in-depth analysis of our Hyperloop developments, including mechanical and magnetic behavior of our active magnetic levitation system and fluid dynamic behavior of our aerodynamic propulsion system,” says Daniel Orient, chief technical officer and co-founder of Zeleros, a Spanish startup developing electric hyperloop transportation. “Simulating and analyzing our results before prototyping empowers Zeleros to reach goals on the first attempt instead of building additional prototypes, resulting in significant cost and time savings.”

“The ANSYS Startup Program provided us with affordable access to leading simulation technology that is uniquely suited to our field — high resolution 77-GHz automotive radar chipsets,” says Frank Zhang, CEO of Andar Technologies Pty Ltd. Australia-based Andar Technologies is developing next-generation, 3D imaging automotive radar. “In a highly competitive and fast-changing industry, the use of fast and accurate electromagnetic simulations with ANSYS for our mm-wave radar system performance is essential to bringing our product to market in a timely and cost-effective way. ANSYS enables us to use accurate virtual prototypes with goal-driven optimization to reduce our need for physical prototyping—helping us save hundreds of thousands of dollars in fabrication runs and ultimately save years of development time.”

A producer of miniaturized electric propulsion systems for Nano- and small-satellites for in-space propulsion, ENPULSION uses ANSYS to simulate thruster components and optimize thermal design. “Our thrusters require precise temperature control in a space environment, but testing in real thermal vacuum chambers is cost, time and resource intensive. ANSYS enables us to simulate thruster components in changing thermal environments at a fraction of the cost,” says David Krejci, chief technology officer at ENPULSION. “The pre-seed phase is a crucial time for any startup and ANSYS enabled significant cost savings during testing that will be redirected toward production.”

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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