Digital Engineering December 2021

The latest issue of Digital Engineering presents the results of our annual Technology Outlook survey, along with stories on simulation innovation, micro 3D printing, and PLM in the cloud.

Inside This Issue:

The Future of Design

DE readers provide a glimpse of their technology usage in our annual survey.

Preparing for the Next Mega Disruptor

Pandemic pushes manufacturing toward digital twins and the cloud. 

How Simulation Impacts Innovation in Design

Simulation brings many benefits to design engineering—but it’s not a one-size-fits-all option for certain use cases. 

Transporting PLM to the Cloud

Cloud-based PLM can provide the flexibility and accessibility needed for digital transformation.

3D Printing Mingles With Micro

As products gain complexity and shrink in size, AM is advancing to accommodate production of micron-level parts.

Industry 4.0 Responds to the Pandemic

More organizations turn to digital twins and centralized workflows to address supply chain challenges. 

Workstations in 2022: Lessons Learned From Pandemic

New work setups require more data processing and peripheral support capabilities. 

MSI Does It Again

MSI delivers another powerful mobile system in the MSI WS66 11UMT-220US.

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Latest News

All Signs Point to Maturing AM Market
AM technology is finally primed for production-grade parts while new software enables more seamless design-to-print workflows.

Altair Updates with RapidMiner 2023 Platform
Updates include auto-clustering, expanded SAS, Python and R coding capabilities.

SME Education Foundation Awards Sustainability Funds to SME PRIME Schools
SME PRIME is tailored to meet the needs of local manufacturers and is aligned with over 30 industry recognized certifications, according...

Siemens Launches a Startup Program
The company says it recognized a need for startup companies to get access to some of its higher end, more...

EcoPulse Aircraft Demonstrator Makes its First Hybrid-Electric Flight
The demonstrator flew with its ePropellers activated, powered by a battery and a turbogenerator, companies report.

 Lithoz and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Team Up to Advance Ceramics
Technical collaboration agreement will focus on innovating high-temperature ceramics processing viathe use of Lithoz 3D printing technology.

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