Digital Engineering, October/November 2020

Our October/November coverage of generative design, GPU acceleration, additive manufacturing, and the shop floor of the future.

Inside This Issue:

A Glimpse of the Generative Design Market

Analysts speculate market impacts of COVID-19, and find ways to evaluate software efficiency.

Lighter by Design

Generative design can help engineers meet new lightweighting requirements.

Winners of Altair Awards Are No Lightweights

Companies representing automotive industry share lightweighting recipes for success.

A Match Made in Heaven

Additive manufacturing and generative design tools can be tapped as a dynamic duo to create and build parts fully optimized for weight and cost.

A Window Into Tomorrow’s Shop Floor

The transformation to digital manufacturing requires a combination of technology, processes and people.

GPUs Are Workstation Essentials

Graphics, AI and parallel processing tasks have made GPUs a key enabler of engineering productivity.

Factory Digital Twins Enhance Worker Safety and Supply Chains

How plant simulation and modeling technologies help enforce social distancing and safety practices

Dell Precision 5750: The Smallest 17-in. Workstation

Dell’s new Precision mobile system is small but pricey.


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Wild and Crazy Parts Competition Targets Students
Mastercam hosts annual competition to encourage secondary and post-secondary students to demonstrate creativity and technical skills in parts design.

Vitech Unveils GENESYS 2021 R2 Systems Engineering Software
Vitech announces the latest release of its model-based systems engineering platform.

Essentium to Become A Public Company
Essentium’s sustainable manufacturing solution eliminates over 70% of waste versus traditional manufacturing; on-site printing reduces heavy logistics requirement and limits...

Industry 4.0 Responds to the Pandemic
More organizations turn to digital twins and centralized workflows to address supply chain challenges.

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