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Designing for Medical Devices & Healthcare
In this Special Digital Issue, we compile some of DE’s coverage of the many ways that design engineers are working with the medical sector and healthcare providers to integrate the two specialties in ways that benefit society as a...
CAE Associates Inc
CAE Associates guides leading organizations through simulation solutions for structural, thermal and fluid design challenges.
3 Ways IoT Will Shape Required Engineering Skills
How will IoT change how industry and academia consider the traditional engineering disciplines?
FEA Simulation: How to Model Creep Response and Stress Relaxation
Using creep law, these two variables can be incorporated into finite element analysis.
Optimizing Golf Club Drag Force with CFD Modeling
With computational fluid dynamics, designers can cost effectively create the ideal club face.
The Importance of Engineering Simulation for Innovation
The ability to quickly test new ideas is critical to innovation.

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Tacton Introduces Full CAD Automation
Enhanced capability automatically generates CAD drawings of custom, configured products to deliver products faster and eliminate errors.

Roboze Automate Debuts for Industrial-Scale 3D Printing
Additive manufacturing solution tackles challenges of standardization and process control to bring repeatable parts.

NVIDIA and Global Computer Makers Launch Enterprise Server Platforms for AI
NVIDIA-certified servers with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software running on VMware vSphere simplify and accelerate adoption of AI, NVIDIA says.

NVIDIA Releases New RTX GPUs
Ampere architecture GPUs will power next-generation laptops, desktops and servers.

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