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Simulation Analytics Tool Finds Anomalies and Trends in CFD Data
Tecplot Chorus integrates metadata analysis, post-processing, and simulation data management.
Procter & Gamble Highlights its Digitization Strategy
Plans to become the first company to totally digitize its business via modeling, simulation and PLM.
Fast App: Safety Made Simpler
ESI Group's automated process reduces the safety redesign period for an automobile from 8 to 5 months.
Clusters Fill the Compute Gap
Engineers are increasingly turning to compute clusters for faster and less expensive analysis and simulation efforts.
Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products Introduces Mini-MIL Connectors
New Mini-MIL connectors designed to deliver MIL-standard performance.
EUROCOM Racer Notebook Available with Seven VGA Options
The 15.6-in. notebook can be configured with AMD or NVIDIA graphics.
Supermicro Launches 8-Way 80-Core SuperServers
Support new 10-core Intel Xeon processor E7 family-based platform.
PCBMotor Says its Experiment Sets Record
New prototype controller achieves over 2.6 million steps per revolution.
CRAY CX1000 Supercomputer to Feature the New Intel Xeon Processor E7 Family
Will be featured in the Cray CX1000-S compute configuration of the Cray CX1000 system.
Data Translation Announces High Density Simultaneous USB DAQ Module
Features 16 individual 24-bit A/D channels and synchronous operation.
Eurocom Launches Dual Processor Phantom 4.0
Designed for "server-on-the-go" applications.
Engineers Are Working the Remote
There are advantages and disadvantages to working outside the office for everyone involved: the employee, the company and the community.
Contex to Demonstrating EDM/ECM Wide Format Scanning Solutions at AIIM Expo
Company launches 'Go Wide' promotional campaign, participates in EMC Captiva's passport program.
Mellanox Delivers Ethernet Connectivity Solution
Portfolio of NICs, switches, software and cables available for 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
Saelig Introduces USB-Powered 20MHz Scopes
Include integrated IEPE sensor drive and large memory buffer.

Latest News

pSeven User Conference Highlights Hybrid Digital Twins
DATADVANCE user conference focuses on predictive modeling and design space exploration products.

Air Force Awards $10.8 Million Contract for Metal 3D Printing
3D Systems to spearhead large-format metal 3D printing technology demonstrator.

Hexagon Launches Mould and Die Suite
Aim is to empower teams to simplify the work of complex manufacturing.

Notilus Marine Plugins Expanding
Design plugins made for the maritime industry.

FEA In the Age of Cloud
Specialized infrastructure providers fill a need in HPC-powered simulation.

Intel Innovation Day: CEO Outlines AI Roadmap, Xeon Split, and Partnerships
Intel outlines vision for Siliconomy, AI-powered PCs, and strategies to separate Xeon CPUs into P and E Processors

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