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See Biomolecules Clearly
HPC helps researchers visualize molecular processes in high resolution.
New Print Method Boosts Composites Strength
The Harvard team has decoupled fiber orientation from the print path using a rotational printhead that also generates a shear field as the ink is deposited.
Harvard Prints Heart-on-a-Chip
Harvard has created a 3D printing process for creating organs on a chip.
Beyond Organic Shapes
The pursuit of biomimicry shouldn’t be confined to mimicking natural shapes.
3D Printing Helps Unlock Brain Mystery
Harvard researchers studied the physical forces that explain the development of folds in the brain using a 3D printed model.
Multiply 3D Printing’s Material Benefits
Multi-material 3D printing delivers new levels of realism.
Self-Organizing Robotic Construction Crew
Robotic Insects Take Flight

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