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5G Resources: PTC on 5G’s Impact—Faster Apps, Better AR-VR
5G network expected to improve AR-VR experience, better industrial IoT apps, and better digital twin applications. ThingWorks developer PTC discusses 5G's impact. ABI Research publishes forecast on 5G network slicing's benefits.
CAD UI in Metamorphosis
Desktop-centric CAD user interfaces are transforming to keep up with touch displays and AR-VR gear.
PTC to Boost Enterprise Mixed Reality with Microsoft HoloLens
PTC  announced that it is working to create enterprise mixed reality (MR) experiences with Microsoft HoloLens.
ANSYS, PTC Partner To Bring Simulation to the Industrial Internet of Things
The pair announced plans to develop a platform solution that will allow ANSYS engineering simulation capabilities to be easily added to apps built on PTC’s ThingWorx IIoT platform.
PTC Debuts Kinex, Latest Industrial IoT Apps Built on ThingWorx
The Kinex product family will be comprised of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications.
PTC Announces ThingWorx Analytics Builder
The addition to ThingWorx provides an interface for managing analytic models.
NetComm Wireless Receives ThingWorx Certification
This gives customers the capacity to manage, update and configure devices.
IOT World 2016: Using Artificial Intelligence to Harvest Business Intelligence
Ushered in by the fast-paced beat of La Roux's "Bulletproof," Gavin Whitechurch, founder of IoT World, stepped up to the stage to deliver his welcome address at IOT World.
ThingWorx 7 Now Available
The platform has added a Utilities module, public cloud integration and developer tools.
PTC Draws On Augmented Reality to Round Out its IoT Vision
Using an augmented reality platform to overlay digital data, companies can elevate interaction with a product to provide service operators with detailed instructions or facilitate design reviews for engineers.
Windchill 11 Bridges IoT With PTC’s PLM Roots
PTC's newly announced Windchill 11 PLM system, is enabled by the ThingWorx technology to connect the digital world to the physical world for IoT-driven product design.
Looking for the Ghost in the Machine
Thinking of the Industrial Internet of Things as just a series of connectivity projects narrows the scope of opportunity.
ThingWorx 6.0 Ships
The platform now has a pluggable data store model and expanded security support.
Infobright Joins ThingWorx Ready Partner Program
The company is a developer of IoT data analytics platforms.
IoT Design and Development
IoT development platforms help bridge software, hardware development gaps in the design workflow.

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