CAD Society Re-Energizes Its Membership Plans and Website

20-year old organization hopping with activity

20-year old organization hopping with activity

By DE Editors

The CAD Society(Bethesda, MD), a not-for-profit CAD industry user associationestablished in 1985, recently announced new membership plans and aredesigned website. New membership plans allow members to choose theirlevel of participation, while the new website, designed by T.A. Grimm and Associates, provides improved information about the CAD industry and boasts an improvednavigation menu.

Four membership opportunities are now available with membershipselection on either an individual or corporate basis. As always, freemembership will be available for professionals and students; benefitsinclude limited website access and a voice (and vote) on industryissues.

Additional benefits are available with paid packages, which are $25 forprofessionals and $10 for students per year. In addition to thebenefits of free memberships, paid members gain full website access,the privilege to nominate individuals for CAD Society awards, anddiscounts on industry publications.

The CAD Society will soon provide software and hardware productdiscounts, original content such as software reviews, access to onlineforums, and access to a User Group Support Program (currently beingformed).

Corporate Memberships include all benefits available to paid members aswell as the possibility of everyone at the company becoming members.Corporate membership packages offered range from $250 to $2,500 peryear with discounts available for academic institutions.

“The CAD Society has always sought to be the voice of the CADindustry,” said Joe Greco, president of the CAD Society and acontributing editor with Desktop Engineering magazine. “With these newmembership programs we can provide benefits to our members that wecould not before. We plan to expand the benefits over time withcooperation from CAD users and developers.”

For more information or to register as a member of the CAD Society, go to theCAD Society’s website. All who register between now and the end of 2004 will have their membershipextended until the end of 2005.

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