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By Anthony J. Lockwood

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I forget when I first became familiar with custom manufacturing service provider Quickparts, but it was quite a few years ago. You probably have seen them at a trade show. They used to sell for cost –  and maybe still do – an attaché case that contained sample parts with detailed documentation of all the rapid prototyping materials they could produce. It was a humble yet creative thing that well demonstrated what these people could do for you. Right before Labor Day, Quickparts launched its new rapid CNC machining service which they call QuickCutCNC. If QuickCutCNC can match for CNC machining services what Quickparts has done for rapid prototyping/manufacturing and injection molding, it should be well worth your time checking it out.

QuickCutCNC adapts for CNC machining the basic idea that is the key to Quickparts itself: Enable engineers and designers to get prototypes and low-volume, CNC-machined parts cost-effectively and fast. Operationally,  QuickCutCNC provides engineers and designers an online service that lets you upload a request for quote—your 3D CAD file, your run and material needs,  etc. You then receive back a binding price quote for the job within 24 hours,  which is more or less immediate compared to “as soon as I can get to it.”  Then, if you go for the deal, QuickCutCNC says that it can provide you with your CNC-machined parts in less than five business days.

The QuickCutCNC process is designed around 3-axis milling with a 10- x 7- x 3.75-in. build platform and a 2-in.full depth milling from either side. Your material options range from aluminum to over 30 different plastics. Still, the key is that QuickCutCNC can get you the parts you need fast.

Off of the link over there, you can learn a whole lot more. When you get to QuickCutCNC, hit the learn more link. From there you find details on QuickCutCNC process, design guidelines, materials, and so forth.

I have not yet seen any machined parts created by QuickCutCNC,  but I have seen the work of Quickparts itself. But, when they tell me that the parts you get are highly functional prototypes fabricated with production grade plastics, I have no reason to doubt it. Check it out for yourself.

Thanks, pal.—Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

Check out Quickpart’s QuickCutCNC.

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