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By Anthony J. Lockwood

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

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First things first. I’m doing some word weenie work for Siemens PLM Software these days on a short-term basis. As I have mentioned before, sometimes my freelance editor, “have keyboard/will click” worlds meet in the middle. This is one of those times.

That said, one thing I’m working on is an event called the “Solid Edge Productivity Summit Tour.” This is a one-day traveling skull session that’ll cost you nothing, get you a free lunch, and educate you about Solid Edge with synchronous technology. You do not have to be a Solid Edge user to attend, although Solid Edge users are virtually guaranteed to learn how to better use the solution. Everyone will benefit from networking with people from different industries and from swapping tips & tricks of the design trade with one another.

All that you really need to attend is an open mind, the engineer’s inquisitiveness, and a feeling that maybe, just maybe you could be doing your design work more productively. So, you’re invited to come and judge for yourself whether or not Solid Edge with synchronous technology will increase your productivity (and your worth to your corporate masters).

At your session you’ll get to see how you can draft, model,  and pattern with Solid Edge. You’ll see what this synchronous technology stuff you’ve read and heard so much about can really do when used for things like sheet metal modeling, and you’ll see how assembly modeling with synchronous technology compares with traditional CAD assembly modeling. A local user or two and some experts from a nearby engineering hardware/software dealer will most likely be at your session showing you what Solid Edge with synchronous technology means for them in the trenches. And you’ll get some sneak peeks of new features coming when version 3 of Solid Edge with synchronous technology is released in the fall.

The Solid Edge Productivity Summit Tour is making stops in cities all over North America from Boston to Seattle and Cincinnati to Toronto to Cypress, California. This Thursday, it’ll be in Cleveland and in Dallas. I’m going to be checking out the Dallas tour stop. I mean, really, it’s my kind of event: I can learn something and somebody else shells out for lunch.

So, hit the link over there. Download the agenda that you’ll find right above the registration on the left. If you can make the time, then sign up for a Solid Edge Productivity Summit near you. You have nothing to lose except perhaps that queasy feeling that you are not as productive an MCAD slinger as you could be.

Thanks, Pal.—Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

Check out the Solid Edge Productivity Summit Tour.

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