Check It Out: Studio Lighting & Illumination Kit video

By Anthony J. Lockwood

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

Check It Out: Studio Lighting & Illumination Kit video
Courtesy ZeroPointPolygon.

Today your Rotundity here wants to tell you about Luxology’s newly released Studio Lighting & Illumination Kit (SILK) for modo, the company’s much talked about 3D content creation system. If you don’t know about modo from Luxology, now is the time to check it out because it’ll cost you just 25 bucks for a fully functional evaluation unit. But wait. I’m getting ahead of myself.

SILK is a collection of presets, scenes, items, and materials to help make lighting your computer-generated models faster and easier. Essentially, SILK provides you with the software tools and tchotchkes to give your computer virtual scene staging and lighting capabilities like those found in real world professional photography studios.

SILK includes an extensive collection of accurately modeled lights, tripods, booms, cameras, reflectors and platform backdrops. The kit also includes pre-built lighting set-ups that support small-, medium-,  large-scale, and portrait studio photography. Luxology has created a series of SILK training videos to help you get moving fast. You can see one such training video from today’s Check It Out Link. It does not matter if you are unfamiliar with modo. From this video, you’ll get a great idea what SILK is all about –  thoroughly modern 3D creation and manipulation.

“Yeah, yeah. But what of modo?” I hear you say. Well, modo combines 3D modeling, painting, sculpting, animation, and rendering in a single workflow. Designers and others working in disciplines as varied as engineering,  industrial design, visualization, package design, education, film production,  and scientific studies leverage it to create, manipulate, and visualize new designs quickly.

But that vanilla description is not really the deal with modo, accurate though it be. What modo really is, is a design prototyping tool and visual communications tool that’s thoroughly modern and thoroughly accessible for anybody who needs the power and robustness of better known environments but not the burden of an overwhelming interface and workflow. It is a tool that enables you to create professional-level images and animations without requiring professional-level training to understand your workflow.

See for yourself. Hit the link over there and watch today’s Check it Out video on SILK. Then, down below the video is a link to the Luxology website where you can sign up for the full-function evaluation of the latest version of modo. It’ll cost you $25, but it is just might be the best the money you’ve invested in years.

Thanks, Pal.—Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

Check out the video on SILK.

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