Developer Library Unites Sub-D and NURBS Paradigms

IntegrityWare's SubD-NURBS links conceptual and CAD modeling.

IntegrityWare's SubD-NURBS links conceptual and CAD modeling.

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Developer Library Unites Sub-D and NURBS Paradigms
Hummer Sub-D and NURBS.

IntegrityWare (San Diego, CA) recently released SubD-NURBS,  a high-performance library for software developers that integrates with most 3D modeling systems and then unites the modeling paradigms of Sub-D (Sub Division Surface) modeling and CAD (NURBS-based) modeling. For end users of engineering,  analysis, and manufacturing applications, this means that workflows can combine the conceptual design process of Sub-D modeling with the design process of NURBS-based CAD operations, according to the company.

IntegrityWare explains that “CAD systems have not been as successful as the Sub-D based modeling tools in dealing with free-form,  conceptual, or organic modeling.” The reason for this is that traditional CAD systems are engineered to leverage NURBS-based representations for handling engineering design processes such as parametric design, analysis, detailing,  and manufacturing. SubD-NURBS was engineered to serve as a link between the two modeling paradigms.

SubD-NURBS is said to quickly and accurately convert Sub-D models into a NURBS-based format that can then interface with CAD systems. SubD-NURBS has the ability to “quickly, easily, and flexibly convert virtually any” Sub-D model into a NURBS format, reports the company. This attribute enables it to support a workflow where designs can be generated using simple Sub-D modeling operations to demonstrate a concept quickly. That concept design can then be modified with Boolean operations, 3D logos, fillets, shelling, and other advanced surface construction tools. From there, results can be analyzed or sent to rapid prototyping machines. You can then go back and edit the original Sub-D model and propagate the CAD operations (Booleans, fillets, etc.)  onto the modified version of the Sub-D conceptual design to facilitate design revisions or generate a new rapid prototype of the design.

Developer Library Unites Sub-D and NURBS Paradigms
Hairdryer with Sub-D and NURBS.

Features of SubD-NURBS include the ability convert Sub-D models into a NURBS representation that can be read into most CAD systems; the ability to handle Sub-D models containing triangular polygons; multithreading support; and the ability to create high-quality surfaces with a minimum of G2 continuity. Additionally, you can control the quality of surfaces. For example,  to avoid creating heavy surfaces, you can reduce the number of surface knots or tangency strength through the modification of a few simple parameters. The resulting models can be modified with Boolean operations, filleting, and other typical CAD operations.

SubD-NURBS is the first released product from IntegrityWare’s Gem Development Initiative. The goal of the Gem Initiative is to develop targeted pieces of 3D technology (“technology gems”) that solve a specific problem in a highly optimized, robust manner. For complete details on SubD-NURBS, visit IntegrityWare.

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